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Database Tools

Must-have SQL Server tools and tools for MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database development, management and administration

Data Connectivity

The most trusted solutions for your data connectivity needs: ADO.NET, ODBC, SSIS, Excel, dbExpress, Delphi Components

Productivity Tools

Write code, create reviews, compare sources, track the working hours with the web app, utilize the power of ORM Solutions

Data Services

Data integration, online backup, web-based SQL tools, cloud connectivity solution

dbForge Studio for MySQL

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal GUI for managing, developing and administrating MySQL and MariaDB databases. The tool allows you to create and execute queries, develop and debug routines, and automate database object management in the convenient environment.

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Compare Bundle

Grab the full power to handle changes in your MySQL and MariaDB databases with dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL.

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Compare Bundle

dbForge Tools for MySQL

Schema Compare

A GUI tool for quick and easy MySQL and MariaDB database schema comparison and synchronization. It will help you analyze database structure differences and propagate changes to a MySQL Server.

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Data Compare

A MySQL and MariaDB GUI tool for quick and easy data comparison and synchronization. Get a convenient way to manage data differences in a well-designed user interface, and customize synchronization.


Data Generator

A powerful GUI tool for quick generation of massive volumes of test data to populate MySQL database tables. The tool provides a great choice of meaningful generators that yield real-word data.



Database documentation tool that automatically generates documentation of an entire MySQL or MariaDB database in a few clicks. It supports HTML, PDF, and MARKDOWN file formats.


Query Builder

A visual tool for creating and editing ant queries of any complexity without code typing. The tool provides a great amount of options to extend query results management.



Microsoft Visual Studio plugin for simplifying all MySQL and MariaDB database development, management, and administration tasks in your favorite IDE.