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One Solution for MySQL Databases Comparison

Grab the full power to handle changes in your MySQL and MariaDB databases with dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL. It will save you hours of work comparing and deploying MySQL and MariaDB databases.

MySQL Compare Bundle contains two separate tools, dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL and dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, and offers a significant discount if compared with purchasing each tool separately:

Standard Edition   Regular Price Bundle Price
dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL   $149.95 UP TO 33% OFF
dbForge Data Compare for MySQL   $149.95 UP TO 33% OFF
    Total: $299.90 Bundle Price: $199.95

When you purchase the tools separately, the overall cost is $199.90

When you purchase the bundle, you pay $199.95 only

You save $99.95

See why Compare Bundle is worth it

Supported schema objects

With Schema Compare for MySQL, you can compare and synchronize the following schema objects:

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Events

Easy customization

Smart comparison wizards will guide you through all stages of comparsion procedure, and allow to tune data and schema comparisons up to your needs. You can:

  • Adjust object mapping
  • Determine which objects and records you want to compare
  • Specify which set of results you want to see after comparison

Data Comparison Setup

  • Custom comparison keys support
  • User mapping feature allows comparing tables with different names and column set
  • Map one table in source with two or more tables in target (useful when a table was split)
  • Custom Query feature allows comparing a table with a query result

Handy Diffs Analysis

dbForge Data Compare and Schema Compare tools feature Comparison Document that allows users to view and manage data and schema differences in the most convenient and effective way.

  • Clear display of differences in the grid
  • DDL differences in the text comparer with multicolor highlights based on the difference type
  • Smart grouping and filtering of comparison results
  • Generation of accurate comparison reports in multiple formats

Multiple ways to sync data and schemas

Both, schema and data synchronization tools, provide several ways of synchronization. If you work with a staging server, you can use one of our MySQL synchronization tools to generate and save a SQL script with schema or data changes to run it later on a production server. Besides, you can execute the script directly against the database.

Automate daily MySQL synchronization via the command-line interface

With the command-line option and a Windows task scheduler, you can set up daily synchronization between two MySQL servers. So, schema and data synchronization will be performed automatically. To control the result, you can use logs generated by the tools.