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Let's see. You need to deal with multiple database management systems. At the same time, you want to be flexible and effective at handling a broad range of database development, management, and administration tasks. Most importantly, you don't have any time to waste on stitching together a large and consistent toolset that would fully meet your needs—and surely you don't want to spend much time learning how to use it. You just want to start being versatile and productive at once.

This is where dbForge Edge comes into play. It's a suite that comprises four database IDEs with similarly clean and intuitive user interfaces—and each of them covers a massive spectrum of tasks on different database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift.

The built-in table designer comprises visual editors for columns, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints, statistics, and table storage properties. You can edit table data, navigate through the visual editor and code editor simultaneously, use automatic prompts of data types, document tables, preview ALTER TABLE scripts, and rebuild your tables without affecting or losing the data contained within.
Level up the speed and quality of your daily SQL coding with context-aware keyword and object suggestions, phrase completion, instant syntax validation, versatile formatting, and refactoring with automatic correction of references to renamed objects.
Generate any volume of dummy data for testing with a wide array of predefined generators. Their flexible configuration options allow emulating column-intelligent, realistic data.
Management of table data has never been easier, allowing you to edit, filter, sort, and copy selected cells the way you need. You can also use quick data export to INSERT queries and view the said data in text, grid, or card view.
Draw queries of any complexity visually, without typing a single line of code. Visualize your queries on diagrams, work with subqueries, edit JOIN and WHERE conditions visually. Design INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries in addition to SELECT queries.
Monitor server performance in real time. In addition to disk loading metrics, you get CPU and memory usage metrics.
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What's included in dbForge Edge?

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated environment that encompasses nearly every task related to database development, management, administration, test data generation, data analysis and reporting, comparison and synchronization of database schemas and table data, as well as DevOps integration.

Originated as a far more powerful alternative to SSMS, dbForge Studio is renowned for being one of the most feature-rich and well-designed SQL Server database IDEs on the market. Just like other dbForge tools, it is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is your best bet for both MySQL and MariaDB databases. It is yet another all-in-one development environment that makes any database-related task easier.

For instance, you can write MySQL queries, assisted by context-aware autocompletion, formatting, and debugging. Or, if you prefer, you can build your queries visually without typing a single line of code. You can design, deploy, and migrate databases, compare and synchronize them, populate them with data from external sources, optimize your queries, as well as manage and analyze your data in any way imaginable.

There are more features to explore, and all of them are at your service.

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a highly functional toolset that meets the needs of a demanding database developer. It gives a boost to your PL/SQL coding in terms of both speed and quality, facilitates visual query building, delivers versatile tools for management of in-database and external data, allows comparing and synchronizing database schemas and table data between different Oracle servers, as well as provides you with a number of administration tools.

Just like with every other Studio, the complete list of capabilities is just too long to be placed in a single paragraph, so we invite you to explore it. One thing we are sure of is that you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Finally, we've got dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, which comes in handy for active users of PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift databases. Similarly to the previous Studios, it accelerates your routine SQL coding with completion, formatting, and syntax validation, allows you to compare and sync schemas and data, generates dummy data for testing purposes, and provides you with data analysis and reporting tools.

See how dbForge Edge can level up your operations


SQL coding productivity

Now you can produce perfectly clean SQL code much faster with IntelliSense-like code completion, formatting, refactoring, and debugging, as well as predefined and custom snippets.

Efficiency at daily tasks

Stay productive and flexible at your workplace and deal with your daily tasks at a faster pace. You have an integrated toolset at hand to make it possible, regardless of the DBMS you are using.

Streamlined development workflow

Numerous software companies use dbForge Edge as part of their development cycle. And when it comes to developing database-centered solutions, this suite proves invaluable.

Faster query writing

If you are focused on writing SQL queries, you can't go wrong with the integrated coding assistance tools. Our users typically note a 2x-4x boost when it comes to their coding speed.

Reduction of errors

Maximize the quality of your output and drastically reduce the risk of error using the built-in SQL editor with its context-aware code completion, refactoring, and instant syntax validation.

Unified corporate code style

dbForge Edge makes it easy to form and unify SQL coding standards across teams within a company. Thus, increased code readability paves the way to more effective teamwork.

Time saved on daily administration

How about helping DBAs save tons of time on routine administration and maintenance? Our users note that their daily tasks start taking about two-thirds less time with our tools.

Faster database migration

You can minimize the time spent on transferring data between databases and servers using the integrated tools that effortlessly compare and synchronize database schemas and table data.

Control over databases and servers

With dbForge Edge, you get a slew of tools that make it extremely simple to manage user accounts and permissions, as well as monitor the performance of your servers in real time.

Single tool for all tasks

dbForge Edge helps avoid doing any extra work or using any additional tools when building and visualizing queries of any complexity, helping you get the required data for analysis in no time.

Learning curve

The elaborately designed GUI of every Studio included in the suite will make you proficient and effective from day one. In other words, you won't have to learn to use it, it's that easy.

Faster reporting

Increase your productivity with our handy tools: summarize and visualize data in pivot tables, observe related data in Master-Detail Browser, and save lots of time with automated reporting.

Efficiency with DevOps

Use the vast capabilities of the dbForge Edge suite to streamline, speed up, and generally make your database management process and workload far more efficient.

Faster database testing

It has never been easier to accelerate your database testing process by writing unit tests in regular T-SQL and automating their execution from the command line.

Speed of deployment

Make dbForge Edge a seamless part of your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery cycle and release updates faster using its advanced database deployment capabilities.

Awards & Recognition

dbForge solutions have been consistently recognized for quality, reliability,
and practical value delivered under sleek user interfaces
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