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All-in-One SQL Server GUI Tool

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis.
The tool will help SQL developers to perform complex database changes, version-control database changes in popular source control systems, and speed up routine tasks. You don't need to waste your time to search for and purchase SSMS plugins across the internet to get your work done.

Still Working in SSMS? dbForge Studio for SQL Server  is a way Better!

dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows you to:

  • Tackle object dependencies when modifying database with complex structure
  • Automate deployment of a database to the production server
  • Create reports on data and automate data report delivery
  • Manage security in databases quickly
  • Develop and manage SQL Azure databases
  • Populate database with generated test data
  • Profile SQL Server events and track T-SQL queries



Three or more times cheaper than competitive solutions!

Satisfied Users

Satisfied Users

More than 10 000 users worldwide have chosen dbForge Studio for SQL Server!

FREE Trial

Free Trial

Don't waste your time! Try dbForge Studio for SQL Server right away!

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What people say

I am a long time user of Toad (10+ years), but found their support for SQL Azure was limited and getting worse with each subsequent version. I decided to evaluate the current tools in the market place and selected dbForge. I selected it for two primary reasons.
1. Simple Easy to Use Interface.
2. Comprehensive set of tools in one interface.
So far, I have not looked back. Great product.

Marc Foulke, VP Technology / Partner, PharmaSource Inc.

Guys - I just wanted to say - GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! I have been using Enterprise Studio forever that I never even considered anything else to develop sql. I tried your product and it has increased the speed of development by 10 fold. In fact there is no way I would have been able to finish a project with Azure for a 250,000 product ecommerce site if I hadn't been using your tool. I am definitely buying your product and getting a license for everyone on my team.

Jason Kelley, Lead developer at Symdigital Technology Solutions