SQL Backup Tool in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an SQL database backup software packed with advanced functionality that helps protect critical data in SQL Server databases, minimize risks of data loss, and keep data intact.

The Backup and Restore Wizards are comprehensive SQL Server backup and recovery utilities designed to perform tasks related to backup and to automate the backup and restore processes. With the SQL Server backup tool, you can minimize the risk of database failure, user errors, data loss and corruption. The Restore functionality of the MS SQL backup software allows you to efficiently recover the database in case of unexpected data failure. In the Backup and Restore wizards, you can:

  • Perform a full or differential backup of SQL Server databases of any size
  • Generate data backup and restore scripts
  • Create a copy-only backup
  • Back up a SQL database from one server and restore it on another
  • Customize the backup and restore processes up to your needs

Starting a Backup

To start a SQL Server backup, on the Database menu, navigate to Tasks, and select Back Up on the shortcut menu. In the Backup wizard, you can create a backup of a database in SQL server that will reflect your needs:

  • View or modify settings for a database backup operation
  • Specify a server connection for the database backup
  • Select a backup type: full or differential
  • Create a copy-only backup
  • Back up files or filegroups of data
  • Add or remove other backup files to/from the current backup
SQL Server Backup: Starting a Backup

Modifying Media Options

The wizard enables to take control over the disk files to which a backup will be written. In the wizard, you can configure and modify the way the backup is written to the media:

  • Append to the existing backup set
  • Verify media set name and backup set expiration
  • Specify the name and description of the media set
  • Handle errors behavior during the backup operation
  • Verify the backup when finished
  • Truncate a transaction log
  • Back up a SQL Server database transaction log
SQL Server Backup: Modifying Media Options

Customizing SQL Server Backup Options

Using SQL backup software by Devart, every backup operation can be customized up to your needs. The Backup Options tab allows viewing and manipulating backup set and encryption options:

  • Specify the name and description of the backup set
  • Set up a backup expiration date or indicate a number of days after which the backup set will expire
  • Enable the backup compression
  • Encrypt data during a backup by specifying an encryption algorithm, certificate, or assymetric key
SQL Server Backup: Customizing SQL Server Backup Options

Restoring SQL Server Database

You can start the restore process either from Database Explorer, Start Page, or Database main menu. dbForge Studio for SQL Server supports the restore of the full database backup or a data file. In the Restore wizard, you can configure the restore process:

  • Specify the source and target databases to restore
  • Select the backups to restore
  • Set data and log file folders to which the restored files can be moved
  • Handle the behavior of the restore operation
  • Determine the database recovery state after the restore operation
  • Manage tail-log backups
SQL Server Restore


The Backup and Restore functionality can ensure that database data won't be lost or corrupted in case of a database failure or user errors. With the SQL Server backup tools, you can back up and restore the whole database or data files, as well as bring the backup and restore process up to your requirements in a convenient GUI. Along with the SQL Server Backup and Restore utilities, dbForge Studio for SQL Server offers a bunch of advanced SQL backup solutions and useful tools for database development, administration, and management.

To learn more about SQL Server backup types and recovery models as well as scripts for creating database backups, refer to our Backup and Restore Databases in SQL Server blog post.

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