SQL Server Backup and Restore

This page provides additional information about the SQL Server backup and restore tools provided by dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Backing up SQL Server instances is an essential task for protecting databases from critical loss and keeping data intact.

The Backup Wizard, established in dbForge Studio for SQL Server, is a comprehensive SQL backup tool designed to automate the backup process and perform it in few simple steps.

The Backup wizard allows you to:
  • Perform a full backup of SQL Server databases of any size.
  • Generate a single backup file.
  • Perform incremental backup.
  • Back up an SQL database from one server and restore it on another.
  • Take a full control under the SQL Server backup process and customize it to your needs.

Starting a Backup

To start an SQL Server backup, in the Database menu, point to Tasks, and select Back Up... On the first page of the wizard, you can view or modify settings for a database backup operation, including:

  • Connection and SQL database for backup.
  • Recovery model.
  • The type of backup you want to perform for the selected database.
  • Backup components.
SQL Server Backup: Starting a Backup

Modifying Media Options

The wizard enables to take control under the disk files to which a backup will be written . You can customize:

  • Overwrite media options (how the backup is written to the media).
  • Reliability (how to handle errors during the backup operation).
  • Behavior of a transaction log backup.
SQL Server Backup: Modifying Media Options

Customizing SQL Server Backup Options

Every backup operation can be customized up to your needs. The Options page allows to:

  • Specify optional information about the backup set.
  • Set up backup compression level.
  • Encrypt a backup.
SQL Server Backuop: Customizing SQL Server Backup Options

Restoring SQL Server Database

When the backup is completed, the only thing you should do to restore an SQL Server database is to run dbForge Restore Wizard , that will guide you through the restore process. To start working with the SQL Server restore tool, on the Database menu, point to Tasks, and click Restore...

SQL Server Restore