Discontinued Products

This page lists some of the Devart products that are no longer supported. All of them are replaced by newer and better products.

Database Tools

The discontinued products from the product line of database tools listed below are replaced by new better products with extended functionality and advanced features. OraTools is replaced by the dbForge for Oracle product line; SQL Builder for MySQL and dbForge Fusion for MySQL, RAD Studio add-in are replaced by the dbForge for MySQL product line.

OraDeveloper Tools is a powerful add-in designed to simplify the Oracle database application development process. It integrates into Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), making all database development and administration tasks available from your favorite IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways. You can get features available in dbForge Fusion for Oracle - this product is actively supported and updated.

OraTools is a simple program for manipulating Oracle schema objects and managing data. It can be used by developers to write SQL scripts and PL/SQL program units and by database administrators to manage database objects and schemas. OraTools is a lightweight ancestor of the OraDeveloper product line.

SQL Builder for MySQL is a simple, lightweight visual environment for building MySQL queries. SQL Builder for MySQL visually represents the database objects involved in a query and draws the joins between them. SQL Builder for MySQL is a free ancestor of the dbForge Studio for MySQL product line.

dbForge SQL Azure Backup is a GUI tool for creating backup copies of SQL Azure database to a local drive, SQL Server, or Azure Blob Storage for development or archive purposes.

Database Connectivity

Oracle Class Library is open source now. The BDP.NET providers are discontinued, because the technology is no longer being developed by CodeGear. Instead of BDP.NET providers our dotConnect data providers or dbExpress drivers can be used.

An open source C++ library that makes it easier to develop cross-platform client/server applications. Native access to Oracle data gives high performance and better control. The Oracle Class Library is simpler to use than OCI, more powerful than Pro*C, and faster than ODBC.

BDP.NET providers for direct access to Oracle and MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These free providers can be used in the same way as the BDP.NET providers supplied by CodeGear. The Devart BDP.NET providers work with Delphi.NET and C#Builder.

As the technology is no longer being developed by CodeGear, we recommend to use dotConnect data providers or dbExpress drivers.