Discontinued Products

This page lists some of the Devart products that are no longer supported. All of them are replaced by newer and better products.

Database Tools

The discontinued products in our database tools product line have been replaced by new, improved solutions with enhanced functionality and advanced features. OraTools has been succeeded by the more comprehensive dbForge for Oracle product line, offering a smoother database management experience. Similarly, both SQL Builder for MySQL and dbForge Fusion for MySQL add-ins have been replaced by the dbForge for MySQL product line. Additionally, dbForge Fusion for Oracle and dbForge Fusion for SQL Server have been replaced by the corresponding dbForge Studios.

OraDeveloper Tools is a powerful add-in designed to simplify the Oracle database application development process. It integrates into Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), making all database development and administration tasks available from your favorite IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways.

For one thing, OraDeveloper Tools allows you to effortlessly browse the entire server hierarchy as well as easily reach, view, and modify database schema objects. Besides, with its help, you get a possibility to automate a whole load of routine tasks. What's more, when it comes to the creation and modification of objects, you can apply powerful object editors to visually modify objects, add constraints, and set triggers. You can also view the DDL statements of each schema object, generate and edit DDL scripts for multiple database objects.

The add-in empowers you to create database projects and integrate related database development files. It simplifies SQL scripting by highlighting syntax as you type and helps you write queries with context-sensitive code completion. OraDeveloper Tools provides you with an easy way to debug all Oracle source objects with a built-in PL/SQL Debugger and to perform step-by-step execution of SQL commands with an integrated SQL script debugger. Apart from these, you can take advantage of a powerful database administration toolkit that includes Security and Session Managers and Schema Import and Export Wizards.

You can get features available in dbForge Studio for Oracle - this product is actively supported and updated.

OraTools is a simple program for manipulating Oracle schema objects and managing data. It can be used by developers to write SQL scripts and PL/SQL program units and by database administrators to manage database objects and schemas. OraTools is a lightweight ancestor of the OraDeveloper product line.The program embraces four utilities: OraDesigner, OraExplorer, PL/SQL Debugger, and OraBuilder.

OraDesigner allows you to execute SQL statements, anonymous PL/SQL blocks, call stored procedures and parameterized queries. It is useful for building, testing and optimizing SQL and PL/SQL statements and for creating and modifying database objects and schemas. OraExplorer is an easy-to-use browser for schema objects and database metadata information. You can find the names of objects organized into a hierarchical tree view there.

PL/SQL Debugger reveals the normally hidden flow of PL/SQL statements as they are processed by Oracle server. Step-by-step execution lets you stay informed about what actually takes place inside your program execution. OraBuilder is a simple visual interface for building queries. OraBuilder presents the database objects involved in a query and lets users visually manipulate the joins between them. It offers the ability to adjust selection list, criteria, joins, groups, group criteria and the chosen sorting list.

If you would like to have access to more database development functionality, we suggest you try out dbForge Studio for Oracle, our new database development tools for Oracle.

  dbForge Fusion for Oracle     dbForge Fusion for Oracle

dbForge Fusion for Oracle is an add-in designed to streamline Oracle database development and management within Visual Studio. It offers a range of features including SQL coding, debugging, schema comparison, and data visualization. As it is integrated into Visual Studio, developers can efficiently work on Oracle databases directly within their familiar development environment.

You can access the features available in dbForge Fusion for Oracle through dbForge Studio for Oracle, which is actively supported and regularly updated.

  dbForge Fusion for MySQL     dbForge Fusion for MySQL

dbForge Fusion for MySQL is a lightweight yet powerful software tool tailored for MySQL database development and management. It seamlessly integrates into Visual Studio, providing developers with a familiar environment for MySQL database tasks. With features such as SQL coding, schema comparison, data editing, and debugging, it allows developers to handle a wide variery of MySQL database tasks within their preferred development environment.

You can find the features offered by dbForge Fusion for MySQL in dbForge Studio for MySQL, which receives regular updates and active support.

SQL Builder for MySQL is a simple, lightweight visual environment for building MySQL queries. SQL Builder for MySQL visually represents the database objects involved in a query and draws the joins between them. SQL Builder for MySQL is a free ancestor of the dbForge Studio for MySQL product line.

We highly recommend you to try out our new extensive tool, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL. It allows building and editing complex MySQL queries visually and delivers powerful functionality for viewing, sorting, and editing data right in the result grid.

  dbForge Fusion for SQL Server    dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

dbForge Fusion for SQL Server is a robust add-in for Visual Studio designed to assist in SQL Server database development and management tasks. It provides developers with a rich toolset to work on SQL Server databases within a familiar environment. It boasts a wide range of features including SQL coding, schema comparison, data editing, and debugging tools.

The functionalities provided by dbForge Fusion for SQL Server are available in dbForge Studio for SQL Server, a product that undergoes regular updates and is backed by active support.

dbForge SQL Azure Backup

dbForge SQL Azure Backup is a GUI tool for creating backup copies of SQL Azure database to a local drive, SQL Server, or Azure Blob Storage for development or archive purposes.The product allows you to easily create backups as a set of T-SQL scripts packed into a simple ZIP archive, or to just copy cloud database to on-premise SQL Server.

By utilizing the tool, you can significantly reduce monthly expenses as you get to store a small .zip file on Blob Storage. Besides, you can run a ZIP archive with any tool like SSMS or sqlcmd and thus easily restore your database in any environment. dbForge SQL Azure Backup enables you to configure a periodic backup to your Azure Blob storage, saving you the trouble of doing this manually.

Database Connectivity

Oracle Class Library is open source now. The BDP.NET providers are discontinued, because the technology is no longer being developed by CodeGear. Instead of BDP.NET providers our dotConnect data providers or dbExpress drivers can be used.

An open source C++ library that makes it easier to develop cross-platform client/server applications. Native access to Oracle data gives high performance and better control. The Oracle Class Library is simpler to use than OCI, more powerful than Pro*C, and faster than ODBC.

BDP.NET providers for direct access to Oracle and MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These free providers can be used in the same way as the BDP.NET providers supplied by CodeGear. The Devart BDP.NET providers work with Delphi.NET and C#Builder.

As the technology is no longer being developed by CodeGear, we recommend to use dotConnect data providers or dbExpress drivers.