SQLBuilder for MySQL Overview

SQLBuilder for MySQL is a simple visual interface for building queries. SQLBuilder for MySQL presents the database objects involved in a query and lets users visually manipulate the joins between them. It offers the ability to adjust selection list, criteria, joins, groups, group criteria and the chosen sorting list.

SQLBuilder for MySQL includes a database object tree and lets you edit SQL statements in both diagram and text mode. Results of the executed query can be viewed in both grid and SQL formats and can be copied to the clipboard with a single mouse click.

SQLBuilder for MySQL is available as a standalone application and as an add-in for use with MyDAC.

Note: SQLBuilder for MySQL is an ancestor of the dbForge for MySQL product line and is no longer being developed. If you would like to have access to more database development functionality, we suggest you try out our new database development tools for MySQL - dbForge Studio and dbForge Fusion.

If you are interested in the Query Builder for MySQL, refer to this page.

SQLBuilder for MySQL - General View