How GameMite has increased productivity by 100% with dbForge Query Builder for MySQL


About customer

GameMite is a platform that focuses on providing the latest news and updates on the popular video games for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, switch, and Linux. On the GameMite website, players can view articles and gaming reviews, as well as get advantage in the video games with cheats.
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Challenges faced

The company was searching for an intuitive tool with a visual interface that would maximize productivity, save their time and automate some operations performed manually. One of the most time-consuming tasks was building and testing out advanced table JOINs manually.

The company tried multiple tools, but none of them could help resolve the issue until the developers found dbForge Query Builder for MySQL. The tool offers a visual MySQL query builder functionality that makes building queries and relationships between tables much faster without writing code.

Drag and drop MySQL queries in a visual query editor
Reduce time on writing and testing out MySQL queries
Get MySQL table linking done much faster
"dbForge Query Builder for MySQL lets me do the table linking and testing out of table JOINs quickly and visually without typing out a paragraph of code."
Mario Randazzo
Mario Randazzo

Results achieved

query building productivity

With dbForge Query Builder for MySQL, the company improved its productivity by 100%. The tool made the whole process of linking tables much faster by simply dragging and dropping objects on the diagram. The tool saved their time on building and editing queries of any complexity. Among the most visible results achieved, the client highlights quick prototyping and improved features on their website.

GameMite would highly recommend dbForge Query Builder for MySQL to those who deal with building complex MySQL queries since the tool would simplify, boost their work, and eliminate possible errors in an easy-to-use visual interface without writing code.

Key Features GameMite is excited about

GUI interface

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL provides a user-friendly interface that helps cope with daily operations related to building and managing MySQL queries in the most quickest and efficient way.

Data viewer

The Data Viewer editor displays values from the Results Grid in all supported file formats. In the editor, users can manipulate data, save it to a computer, or convert it to the supported file format.

Drag and drop query editing

The tool allows building, grouping, and managing complex MySQL tables, creating and editing JOINs, adding conditions and constraints, and automatically generating a code based on the changes applied.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

Level up your productivity with the top query tool for MySQL

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