How High Sports Group elevated routine query development with dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

High Sports Group Limited

About the customer

High Sports Group Limited is a UK-based company dedicated to making climbing accessible to the widest possible audience, from beginners to seasoned climbers.
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Challenges faced

There's no need to describe the vastly negative impact of COVID-19 on business. In order to survive, companies had to plan each step carefully, optimize or even rebuild work processes.

This success story covers one of such cases. Our clients from High Sports Group decided to change their database platform, which naturally caused the need to change the workflow as well as find and adopt new tools.

Migration to a new database platform
The need for fast adoption of a new toolset
Search for a budget-friendly query management solution

After all the available options were compared, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL was selected as the solution that combines all the advantages the company management was looking for. The tool was recommended to the company's IT Service Manager, Michael Wates, by his colleagues in fellow organizations. It met the project requirements, was cost-effective and easy to master.

"With the help of this tool, we were able to turn around requests most effectively. We got swift development in an easy-to-use tool. As a result, our operations became more productive by approximately 25%."
Michael Wates
Michael Wates
IT Services Manager at High Sports Group Limited

Results achieved

daily productivity

Now the company's IT team uses Query Builder to quickly create queries for their reporting platform. Not only did this tool replace the previous one without any losses, but also brought notable improvements in ad-hoc reporting and productivity growth.

Key features Michael is excited about

Intuitive GUI

One of the main ideas was to find a tool that would have broad functionality under a simple user interface and would be easy to work with. Query Builder fully complied with those requirements and became the winner among other tools that were considered.

Saving Templates for Later Use

Among the rich customization capabilities, the client put emphasis on the availability of templates with data export settings, which make regular data export a breeze.

Query Profiler

Another highlighted feature is Query Profiler, which visually compares query profiling results, delivers profiling history for further data analysis, and eventually helps optimize queries to ensure better performance.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

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