Why It Is Worth Creating Content for Devart

Why creating content for Devart is worthwhile
Massive Audience

Massive Audience

By including your content in our monthly digest, we ensure that it reaches a vast audience. You can showcase your expert findings to large and diverse groups.

Social Media Exposure

Social Media Exposure

Devart refers to your content across our social media platforms with many thousands of followers. You can promote your content and expertise to that audience.

Expertise Enhancement

Expertise Enhancement

With our professional technical and SEO support, you can improve the significance of your articles. Produce the best quality content and stand out from the competition.

The content quality checklist

Producing high-quality content is a challenging task that requires time and effort. Devart strives to produce the best materials in various formats, including written articles, audio podcasts, and video presentations. If you're interested in contributing as an author for Devart, please get familiar with our checklist for preparing expert content. It will help you effectively organize your materials.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Select a specific topic to focus on instead of trying to cover too many subjects or ideas in a single piece.
  • Make concise and captivating titles and annotations. Our SEO specialists can assist you with this aspect.
  • Organize your content. Divide it into meaningful sections and group related ideas. For written articles, use headers and subheaders. For podcasts or videos, develop a logical narrative.
  • Emphasize the practical value of your material instead of describing the functionality or the concept abstractly. Provide real-world use cases and examples.
  • Illustrate your findings and statements. Visual aids, diagrams, or screenshots will be helpful.
  • Communicate in a clear, friendly manner. Make your content accessible to a wide range of readers or viewers who may not possess the same level of expertise as you.
  • Provide descriptive links in written articles for external resources and briefly explain why you consider a particular source authoritative in audio or video materials.
  • We are pleased to offer support from our professional editors, and we can also provide guidance on specific issues related to our professional area.

Articles requirements

Here you can get familiar with our expectations from your materials


Appealing subjects

Please select topics that should appeal to our visitors (people interested in database and connectivity technologies) and focus on practical use.


Original content

We check texts for plagiarism and accept only authentic materials. We understand the importance of originality and exclusively embrace unique content.



The length of an article should be not less than 1500 words. It is a deliberate strategy aimed at delivering high-quality, informative, and engaging content.



When you publish the content on your resources, we would require a link from that material to our website with the relevant anchor text.


Strong factual background

The ideas and statements must be supported by real-world evidence, and references should be from credible sources. We aim to provide the highest level of accuracy.


Human-created content

We also check the content with the AI detection tools. These cutting-edge tools enable us to analyze and evaluate the content for any potential issues.

How we work

Here is how we organize the process:
Step 1
Contact us and let's discuss ideas together. We provide you with professional support and information about our solutions. Also, we can equip you with SEO support, help you develop the structure, and define the key topics.
Step 2
Please send us the preliminary draft of your article so we have a look at it and check how it matches our content requirements. Our editorial team can assist you with the proofreading if you need it. We value the collaborative process.
Step 3
Share your experience with the audience, and we'll spread the word about it to the Devart audience. Your insights can spark new ideas and inspire others to embark on their own journeys of discovery and success!
We look forward to collaborating with you!
Just fill out this form or write us directly at [email protected], and we'll discuss it together to find a mutually beneficial approach for us both.