Coding Assistance Tools

Code Review Bundle

Code Compare adds value to Review Assistant when tools are used together. That's why they are sold in code review bundle. Buying the bundle saves you money on both tools.

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Review Assistant

A peer code review tool for Visual Studio, Review Assistant includes lightweight support for formal code review, allows defect and discussion tracking. Review Assistant integrates with code comparison tools and version control systems to facilitate working with code changes.

from $349.95

Code Compare

A popular comparison tool for file and folder comparison and merging, Code Compare takes into account specifics of programming languages (C#, Visual Basic, XML, XAML, etc.), supports two- and three- way comparison and merge. Code Compare comes as a stand-alone application or can be integrated into Visual Studio. Free version available!


T4 Editor

An advanced tool for Visual Studio that includes intelliSense-like, syntax highlighting, code outlining and other features of a text editor add-in for Visual Studio. T4 editor boosts performance, as well as speeds and simplifies the process of creating and editing T4 templates.

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Time Tracking Tools


TMetric is a time tracking web application for IT-professionals and companies. The tool will help individuals and organizations to be more productive. TMetric provides time tracking, work session monitoring, reporting tools, integrations and much more.

Other Tools


SecureBridge is a library of Delphi and C++Builder components for Windows and Mac OS designed to protect connections between computers and trusted networks against unauthorized access.

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To extend monitoring capabilities of our data access products there is an additional tool called dbMonitor. It is an easy-to-use tool to provide visual monitoring of your database applications. dbMonitor performs per-component tracing of database events such as commit, rollback, SQL statement execute, creating and destroying components, connection pooling events etc.

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