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Review Assistant Download

Download the free version of Review Assistant for 3 users with a 45-day trial for unlimited number of users.

After the trial period expires you can:

  • continue using the free version restricted up to 3 users and 1 project
  • buy a permanent license if you have bigger team

Before you use Review Assistant, please review our End User License Agreement.

The latest version is 3.6.465 (15-Feb-2018). For a list of changes see the revision history

Latest Version

Review Assistant 3.6

Note: Installation contains both server and client software. Server includes a free license for 3 users and a trial license for unlimited number of users. See also system requirements.

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Code Compare 4.2 latest

Note: The latest version of Code Compare supports integration with Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017.

Previous Releases

Review Assistant 3.6.455

Note: from 21-Nov-17

Review Assistant 3.6.450

Note: from 19-Oct-17

Review Assistant 3.6.445

Note: from 22-Aug-17

Review Assistant 3.6.436

Note: from 13-Jul-17

Review Assistant 3.6.435

Note: from 27-Jun-17

Review Assistant 3.6.430

Note: from 28-Feb-17

Review Assistant 3.5.352

Note: from 7-Feb-17

Review Assistant 3.2.146

Note: from 19-May-16

Review Assistant 3.0.54

Note: from 11-Feb-16

Review Assistant 2.8.512

Note: from 31-Jul-2015

Review Assistant 2.7.509

Note: from 27-April-15

Review Assistant 2.6.407

Note: from 16-December-14

Review Assistant 2.6.379

Note: from 30-October-14

Review Assistant 2.5.282

Note: from 26-August-14

Review Assistant 2.5.279

Note: from 05-June-14

Review Assistant 2.1.229

Note: from 26-February-2014


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