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Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio. Our code review tool helps you to create review requests and respond to them without leaving Visual Studio. Review Assistant supports TFS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. Simple setup: up and running in 5 minutes.

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Review Assistant Features

Code discussion

  • Add your comments at the review level, or specific source code blocks or lines.
  • Initiate threaded code discussions with your team members without scheduled meetings.
  • Mark comments and defects that need to be fixed
  • Review comments displayed in the code editor.
  • Instant switching between review comments and the code

Multiple review iterations

Typical code review consists of multiple review-fix cycles. Review Assistant is designed to support these iterations:

  • Developer can add revisions to an existing code review
  • Reviewer can see what's changed since the last review
  • Reviewer can pick what changes to view when comparing file revisions

More about iterative code review

Rich integration features

Flexible review workflow

Review Assistant has a flexible review workflow:

  • Only necessary review states are supported.
  • Three main roles: author, reviewer, and moderator (optional).
  • Discussions and defects statuses are not strict.

Reporting and Statistics

Review Assistant collects basic code review metrics automatically. It provides the following reports:

  • Reviewers statistics
  • Authors Statistics
  • Users Status
  • Reviews Status
  • Code Coverage

More about reporting

Drop-in Replacement for Visual Studio Code Review Feature

Review Assistant is a descent alternative to Visual Studio Code Review feature:

  • Review Assistant works on the Professional edition. No need to upgrade to Visual Studio Premium.
  • Supports reviewing multiple changesets at a time.
  • Iterative review support.
  • Check-in policy for pre-commit code review.
  • Review moderator support.

See Visual Studio Code Review vs Review Assistant for details.

Better Way to Buy Review Assistant

  • ChooseCode Review Bundle and get two products for code review with a discount. Bundle includes CodeCompare - file diff tool that is specially adapted for comparing source code files. It allows you to see review comments when comparing file revisions.

What is code review

Peer code review is a process of inspecting code written by your co-developers. It helps to improve code quality and ship software with less defects. And Review Assistant helps you to automate the process with minimum overhead.

Not using code review? Here is a couple of starting points:

Finally, download Review Assistant and start reviewing code.

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What people say

Our team has been using this tool with great success. It has great features such as the ability to leave review comments directly in the code being reviewed, when re-work is needed the tool handles subsequent revisions very nicely, the use of VS diff tool, etc. Everyone is very happy with this tool.

Jorge Alva