Review Assistant Integrations

Review Assistant can be easily integrated with popular version control systems and continuous integration servers to make your development process and team collaboration more effective.

Version Control Systems

Review Assistant supports both pre- and post-commit reviews for Azure DevOps Server (TFVC). Besides, it provides the possibility of importing individual projects from TFVC repositories. Review Assistant also supports project import from Azure DevOps Services.

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Azure DevOps TFVC

Review Assistant can be easily integrated with a Git repository in Azure DevOps. There is also a possibility of importing a Git project to Review Assistant to conduct an effective code review. Using Review Assistant makes your Git code review process more productive.

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Azure DevOps Git

Git is a free and open source version control system used for source code management and supports distributed non-linear workflows. Review Assistant offers pre-commit reviews for Git repositories as well as support for Git-TFS.


Our code review tool provides support for easy integration with Subversion source control system and allows you to perform post-commit reviews for SVN, add changes, revisions and all you need to keep the high quality of your code.


Teams that use Mercurial can benefit from using Review Assistant. Our code review tool allows performing iterative code reviews against Mercurial, add comments and view code changes, discuss code within your team and much more.


Review Assistant integrated with Perforce allows you to add change lists to a review from the GUI client, view author's changes that were made in a code comparison tool, add comments to a specific file revision, implement iterative reviews, etc. Additionally, P4VS (Perforce Plug-in for Visual Studio) is available for easy review creation.


–°ontinuous Integration Servers

Jenkins is a popular open source automation server for continuous integration with a bunch of plugins for building, deploying, and automating any project. You can easily integrate Review Assistant with Jenkins to control the review process.

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CruiseControl.NET is an open source automated continuous integration server, which includes an MSBuild Task to integrate MSBuild projects. Integrate Review Assitant with MSBuild and make sure that only the code that has been properly reviewed gets into a project build.

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MSBuild is a build platform for Microsoft Visual Studio applications. The platform uses XML-based project files that specify the actions to be performed during the build. Review Assitant can be integrated into an MSBuild project to prevent the situation when the unreviewed code is included in the scheduled project build.

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