Devart ODBC Drivers

Cost-effective data integration tool for developers and data analysts that helps quickly and easily solve business challenges related to data access.

Devart's ODBC connectors are an optimal variant to access databases with native protocol directly without using additional client software and access cloud data sources via HTTPS.

Supported Platforms:
  • Verified compatibility with multiple integration tools
  • Simple install for multiple computers
  • Easy access to live data from anywhere
  • OAuth 2.0 Support

ODBC Data Connectors

Fast and unified access to databases

We offer you optimal data access by means of ODBC and native database client libraries. However, you can avoid using client libraries, since our ODBC drivers are able to connect via the native protocol directly without using client software at all.

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Direct access to data

ODBC Universal Bundle

Get all 78 ODBC Drivers in one Universal Bundle with 95% discount.

Verified Compatibility With Integration Tools

Devart ODBC drivers are verified to be compatible with leading analytics and reporting tools, various IDEs and programming languages. Get fast and secure access to your data in any application using our ODBC Drivers!

Business Intelligence Analytics Software

Business Intelligence & Analytics Software

Why choose Devart?

Secure Connection

Secure Connection

When establishing an ODBC connection to the server, it is important to securely exchange data. Our ODBC drivers support encrypted connections using SSL and SSH data encryption, as well as HTTPS tunneling.

Fully Unicode-Compliant Driver

Fully Unicode-Compliant Driver

With our fully Unicode-compliant ODBC driver, you can properly retrieve and modify any data in multilingual databases, regardless of their character set: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc., and in any language environment.

Full Data Types Support

Full Data Types Support

Our ODBC drivers support all the data types, which may be mapped to ODBC data types. Besides, our drivers have additional options to control data type mapping, which allows customizing the correspondence between database and ODBC data types.

Reasonable Price

Reasonable Price

Various pricing models allow users to choose the best option for them, while still gaining access to all the functionality of the product.

OEM Licensing Model

OEM ODBC Data Integration: Seamless Connection to Various Data Sources

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