ODBC Driver for SQL Azure

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Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Azure provides a high-performance and feature-rich connectivity solution for ODBC-compliant applications to access SQL Azure databases from Windows, macOS, or Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Full support for standard ODBC API functions and data types implemented in our driver makes interaction of your database applications with SQL Azure fast, easy and extremely handy.

Direct Connection

Database applications based on our solution get an opportunity to establish a connection to SQL Azure directly. Direct Connection gives your applications an unrivalled advantage — connection to SQL Azure databases directly via TCP/IP avoiding SQL Azure Client software. This improves performance of your applications, their quality, reliability and especially the deployment process, since there is no need to supply additional client software together with your application.

Native Connectivity to SQL Azure

What are some reasons to choose Devart ODBC Driver for SQL Azure?


The driver is compatible with 3rd-party tools for data analysis, such as Microsoft Excel, and integrates with various IDEs and systems like Visual Studio, etc.

For the complete list of compatible tools and environments visit the Compatibility page.

Platforms Variety

ODBC Driver for SQL Azure can be used with 32-bit and 64-bit applications on both x32 and x64 platforms, so there is no need to additionally configure the driver, applications or environment.

Fully Unicode-Compliant Driver

With our fully Unicode-compliant driver, you can properly retrieve and modify any data in multilingual SQL Azure databases regardless of their character set: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc., and in any language environment.

Features Overview

Cost-Effective Deployment

Cost-Effective Deployment

Our ODBC driver is a standalone installation file that doesn't require the user to deploy and configure any additional software such as a database client or a vendor library. Deployment costs are reduced drastically, especially when using the silent install method with an OEM license in large organizations that have hundreds of machines.

SSH and SSL Connection

Secure Connection

Work with SQL Azure securely using SSL connection options provided in our driver along with the support for SSL protocol. You can also connect to SQL Azure securely via SSH tunnel. SSH protocol is one of the most reliable protocols for data encryption.

Advanced Data Conversion

Advanced Data Conversion

We have implemented advanced Data Conversion mechanisms that provide bi-directional mapping between any SQL Azure and ODBC data types.

ODBC Conformance

The driver provides full support for common ODBC interface:

  • ODBC API Functions support
  • ODBC Data Types support

Additionally, we support Advanced Connection String parameters to allow desktop or web applications to connect to SQL Azure from various environments and platforms that support ODBC.

Bulk Updates

Bulk Updates

Moreover, with our driver you can perform bulk updates to SQL Azure database by combining SQL statements into batches, thus simplifying and speeding up large data modification to SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Compatibility

SQL Azure Compatibility

Our driver is fully compatible with the latest SQL Azure V12 version and is always maintained up to date.

High Performance

High Performance

Every operation with SQL Azure becomes significantly faster using such capabilities of our driver as local data caching, connection pooling, and much more.

SQL Azure Support


Visit our Support page to get instant support from experienced professionals, fast and detailed responses, user engagement and interaction, frequent builds with bug fixes, and much more.