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Improve the productivity of employees and teams by providing advanced tools and immersive experiences to facilitate smooth development, seamless collaboration, and efficient management of SQL Server databases.

  • Build an effective DevOps cycle to reduce your product's time to market
  • Standardize collaborative database development
  • Automate database testing and deployment
  • Minimize risks and ensure data integrity
  • Cut costs on daily operations
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Learn all about the features of dbForge Studio and see how it can enhance your operations

How dbForge Studio makes your database operations more effective

Development environment that covers all database tasks

dbForge Studio is an all-in-one IDE for database development, management, administration, test data generation, database comparison and synchronization, data analysis, and reporting.

Database comparison and synchronization

The Studio helps you compare SQL Server databases, detect and analyze differences in database schemas and table data, and synchronize changes with just a few clicks.

DevOps automation in the most popular CI/CD systems

The Studio can be easily integrated with your DevOps process. You can automate all routine operations with a collection of PowerShell cmdlets and thus facilitate fast and safe CI/CD.

Smart SQL autocompletion, formatting, and refactoring

dbForge Studio levels up your SQL coding with context-based suggestions, rich formatting options, smart refactoring, a built-in debugger, and a slew of productivity enhancements.

Version control supporting the most widely used VCS

The Studio provides support for all major version control systems and makes it easy to link your SQL Server databases to repositories and work in a collaborative environment.

Visual query building that requires no SQL coding

You can create, execute, and optimize SQL queries visually, on easily understandable diagrams. With no need for manual coding, you can speed up routine query building by up to 60%.

200+ smart generators of meaningful test data

dbForge Studio for SQL Server delivers a variety of built-in smart generators of realistic, consistent test data with flexible configuration and preserved inter-column data dependencies.

Automated unit testing with customizable settings

The Studio allows writing unit tests in regular T-SQL and running multiple tests at once. You can develop stable and reliable code that can be properly regression-tested at the unit level.

Scheduled database synchronization

You can set up and run scheduled database synchronization from the command line. In fact, nearly any operation in the Studio can be conveniently automated using CLI.

Data import and export supporting multiple formats

With full support for 15+ essential data formats, you can populate SQL databases with external source data, streamline data migration, and automate recurring scenarios using templates.

Comparison and synchronization of table data

dbForge Studio lets you quickly locate and analyze data discrepancies in live databases, backups, and script folders. It can also help recover damaged or missing data with just a few clicks.

Generation of comprehensive database documentation

The built-in Documenter generates searchable documentation in a matter of minutes, offering extensive customization and fully eliminating time-consuming manual work.

A single IDE for all tasks with no need for third-party tools

Once you deploy dbForge Studio for SQL Server, every tool you might need is always at hand - and it's all ready out of the box. You only have to start working and watch your performance grow.

A drastic performance boost for your daily operations

The Studio increases the overall developer performance by 50%-400%, depending on the particular task. Naturally, automation of your daily operations means reduced costs.

A streamlined workflow that reduces your time to market

As a result, the streamlined workflow leads to more frequent and focused releases that help keep your product continuously polished and relevant for your end users.
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How dbForge Studio unlocks value for different users

up to 4X
productivity boost
Software companies use dbForge Studio as an integral part of their development cycle. And when it comes to developing database-centered solutions, the Studio proves simply invaluable.
time saved on daily tasks
dbForge Studio is designed to help developers save time on managing SQL databases. An average daily task handled with the Studio is noted to take more than two-thirds less time.
unified coding standards
The increased readability of well-standardized SQL code paves the way to effective collaboration between developers, administrators, data analysts, and DevOps engineers.

faster SQL coding

dbForge Studio for SQL Server helps developers work much faster by offering smart context-based prompts. A smallest hint is enough for the Studio to guess what you are trying to write.

average daily output

dbForge Studio is just as excellent at increasing the daily performance of a database developer. If you need to produce more output, the Studio will make it a rather easy task.

reduction of syntax errors

dbForge Studio effectively fights syntax errors and poorly formatted SQL code. With over 1500 options at hand, you can easily format code according to your needs and preferences.

control over SQL databases

dbForge Studio, with its multitude of features and flexibility of settings, provides software developers with full control over their SQL Server databases - and makes this control easy.
up to 3X

faster administration

The built-in database administration tools make the routine daily work of DBAs a breeze. Our clients tend to note that their operations become up to 3 times faster with dbForge Studio.

SQL Server & Azure Cloud support

Another benefit highlighted by our clients is that dbForge Studio delivers support for Azure Cloud and makes work with it fast and effective, even with large databases involved.

single tool for all tasks

dbForge Studio for SQL Server eliminates the need for extra work or additional tools when writing queries of any complexity and allows data analysts to get the required data effortlessly.

data integrity

Besides being an all-encompassing solution that helps tackle all database-related tasks, dbForge Studio is your reliable choice when it comes to maintaining impeccable data integrity.

faster reporting

Our clients note that the reporting features of dbForge Studio and its flexible tools for work with data make it exceptionally useful to their business intelligence departments.

streamlined development workflow

dbForge Studio for SQL Server easily eliminates bottlenecks in your development cycle, speeds it up wherever possible, and enables the deployment of your databases at a faster pace.
up to 16X

faster database migration

You can reduce the time spent on migrating schemas and data between SQL databases and servers to a minimum using the built-in database comparison and synchronization tools.

deployment speed

Finally, by automating database deployment via dbForge Studio, you can release updates much faster than you do now and thus greatly facilitate the evolution of your product.

Get the benefits of our Enterprise Program

We value your precious time and thus do our best to facilitate fast and easy adoption of dbForge solutions in your business.

Simple license management
Simple license management
Easy deployment
Easy deployment
Corporate discounts
Corporate discounts
Team productivity
Team productivity

Leading companies choose dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Microsoft Corporation
Chevron Corporation
The Procter and Gamble Company
Steel Dynamics, Inc.
The Kroger company
The International Paper Company

See how dbForge tools inspired the success stories of our clients

"dbForge Studio has saved us about 90% in time. The speed of our database development has doubled. Migration has become infinitely faster. The tool has paid for itself 1000x over."
Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley
Lead Developer at Retail Acuity
Schedule a product demo

Schedule a product demo

Learn all about the features of dbForge Studio and see how it can enhance your operations