How software company became 2x faster in database development

Retail Acuity

About customer

Retail Acuity is a software development company providing all kinds of solutions for merchandising organizations, retailers, and manufacturers. The products created by the team serve to increase the efficiency of all operations and provide in-depth analytics and real-time reporting to help the customers achieve their goals faster.
United States

Challenges faced

The products developed by Retail Acuity demand excellent work of all databases. The most tedious task was comparing the database data and schema. The company tried some other products, but none could resolve the problem. The developers still had to do a lot of manual work, and SQL development took too much time and effort.

After trying several tools, the developers turned to dbForge Studio for SQL Server. Its integral approach with all meaningful features in one solution and overall productivity suited excellently the company’s needs.

Improve and automate the data and schema comparison.
Speed up the SQL development task performance.
Ensure quick mastering of the new tools by reducing the learning curve.
"Using the tool has saved us about 90% in time. The tool has paid for itself 1000x over."
Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley
Lead Developer

Results achieved

Faster database
Faster database
Test data and scripts generation

The database developers got excellent experience working with dbForge Studio for SQL Server. It proved its efficiency in all aspects that interested users. The database development time became twice faster.

The tasks of database migration took almost a day before the company started to use the Studio for SQL Server. Now, these tasks take half an hour. Besides, the tools let the specialists run all database upgrades with zero errors to the customers’ complete satisfaction.

Key Features Retail Acuity is excited about

Data Comparison

The feature plays a key role when you need to transfer the data from one server to another. It analyzes and reports discrepancies and synchronizes the data between servers, even if the databases have different structures. The possibility to automate syncing tasks speeds up the routines impressively.

Schema Comparison

The feature compares, detects differences, and synchronizes database schemas of any complexity. It allows the developers to detect any errors at an early stage and track and identify any issues on production databases. The tool also produces deployment scripts for various SQL Server editions.

Code completion

A multi-option tool targets all tasks on code writing. With its help, you can write complicated scripts with several clicks. The auto-completion option accelerates the writing, SQL formatting ensures common standards for coding, and the Analyzer option checks the code quality. The possibility to save code fragments for future use is also present.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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