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Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is a university that offers innovative study programs for learning. It provides an extensive training for the selected area, including multidisciplinary seminars, internships, and foreign language courses.

DBAs at the Nordhausen University were looking for a tool for development, management, administration of their Oracle database and development and operations (DevOps). Out of the solutions they evaluated, dbForge Studio for Oracle showed better performance and usability. That’s why the product was chosen as the most helpful and powerful.

“When we started using dbForge Studio for Oracle, we found out that it is a perfect tool for us due to its simplicity, usability, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. The solution helped us reduce the time for database browsing and navigation, and accelerate access to data and metadata of all database objects. With Query Builder, we could create statements within minutes! The maintenance of Oracle objects in databases became a much simpler task. Thumbs up, guys!“
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Peter Tabatt, Dozent, Database-Specialist
Administration and redesign of an Oracle application to meet customer demands and expectations
The tool helped significantly to reduce time on viewing the database structure. The accessibility issues to Oracle databases were effectively resolved, as well as daily routine and time-consuming tasks such as maintenance and creation of Oracle tables and views were greatly enhanced.

Provide qualitative web and mobile applications for Oracle at a low cost
The use of dbForge Studio for Oracle helped to reduce the time and cost for development of web and mobile applications significantly

Maximize productivity and customer satisfaction by developing advanced, customized Oracle applications
The tool boosted speed to access Oracle databases, thus, making easier the process of browsing data in databases

Key Features the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences is excited about

Query Builder

Query Builder cuts the development time and manual data entry when working with complex queries and logical and managing databases in a visual designer

Query Profiler

Query Profiler enhances Oracle query optimization and operational efficiency, as well as detects and eliminates potential query issues and bottlenecks quickly

Import/Export Data

Import/Export Data saves your time significantly and makes the process more comfortable while migrating data of a database to or from different file formats

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