Optimize Queries with Oracle SQL Profiler!

In order to most effectively tune Oracle queries, you should start by identifying the queries that have the longest duration. You can accomplish this task by using Oracle SQL Profiler. Next, you analyze the queries to determine where they are spending their time and whether they can be optimized. You can use the Oracle SQL Profiler to help analyze query behavior.

Profiling without extra actions

Turn on Oracle SQL Profiler to get Plan of the query execution and Session statistics that are graphically displayed in a clear and friendly way.

Profiling results are represented as a separate tab in your SQL document, so you can navigate to your query and to other tabs related to it (like Data, Query Builder, etc) without opening additional windows and documents.

Oracle SQL Profiler - General View

Keep text of executed queries at hand

No need to copy query text to a notepad after every change. Oracle SQL Profiler keeps the query text along with its profiling results to let you optimize Oracle queries effectively.

Your move is to select a required profiling result and click the SQL Query button. With query changes history you can come back to any step of the query optimization, review, execute or save the query.

Oracle SQL Profiler - SQL Text

Get Session Statistics for your query

To effectively diagnose performance problems, statistics must be available. Oracle query profiler proactively gathers session statistics for you. This feature of the profiler allows you to learn where your session spent its time and why.

Oracle SQL Profiler - Session Statistics

Compare query profiling results visually

The key point in Oracle queries optimization is seeing the differences in profiling results after you change your query. Using Oracle profiler tool, you can select profiling results for two query executions and get the differences highlighted in the grid. You can compare general results of query execution as well as session statistics for each query execution.

Oracle SQL Profiler - Compare Results

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