dbForge Studio for Oracle features

PL/SQL coding assistant

  • Automatic code completion in PL/SQL editor
  • Code snippets
  • Quick information on schema objects
  • Document outline for navigation
  • Smart PL/SQL formatter
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Coding assistance

Database Project

Database project greatly helps you facilitate your database development:

  • Create a database project either empty or with imported database objects
  • Manage SQL scripts and query files in the project
  • Deploy either an entire project or only required changes to the server

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Database Project

Oracle Database Management

When modifying Oracle database structure, transferring data between servers, analyzing differences between databases, you can use database management tools to do the following:

  • Perform Oracle data comparison
  • Perform Oracle database synchronization
  • Schedule regular database sync tasks
  • Generate Oracle comparison reports

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Database Compare and Sync

Data Generator

Populate your Oracle tables with thousands of rows of realistic test data. Data Generator supports essential Oracle data types, includes 200+ meaningful generators with customizable settings, and allows generating data via the command-line interface.

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dbForge Studio for Oracle - Data Generator


Generate Oracle database documentation in a wink. The Documenter feature allows you to:

  • Generate documentation files in the HTML, PDF and Markdown formats
  • Retrieve an overview of the database structure
  • View inter-object and inter-database dependencies

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dbForge Studio for MySQL - Documenter

Object Manager

Database objects are displayed as a tree in Database Explorer. To edit any object, you can call the corresponding visual editor from this window. You can:

  • Manage tables from one window
  • Use Undo option for object editor
  • Use ability to browse schema objects in a single Oracle editor (pin document)

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dbForge Studio for Oracle - Object Manager

Oracle PL/SQL Debugger

The Oracle debugger serves for step-by-step execution of stored program units and SQL scripts. Oracle developers can edit, compile, run, and debug PL/SQL code easily. They can use breakpoints, evaluate and modify variables in the Watches window, and analyze the currently active stack of your PL/SQL program calls in the Call Stack window.

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dbForge Studio for Oracle - PL/SQL Debugger

Query Builder

Create complex queries visually without effort. The tool allows you to design SELECT statements with multiple tables, joins, and complex subqueries without manual typing of code. Just drag-and-drop required objects onto a visual designer to generate SQL statements.

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dbForge Studio for Oracle - Query Builder

Query Profiler

Improve multi-second queries using Oracle SQL Profiler. The tool helps you detect problems and optimize SQL queries via GUI. Profiler:

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dbForge Studio for Oracle - Query Profiler

Schema Import/Export

Export full schema structure or selected schema objects, copy database objects using schema export/import wizards. While using the wizards, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Oracle data import and export utility wizards
  • Schema export projects
  • Zip compression for export output files
  • Command-line support

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Schema Import/Export

Database Administration

Tools for Oracle administration and management serve for:

  • Managing user privileges
  • Managing server sessions
  • Monitoring events

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Database Administration

Database Designer

Enjoy oracle database design. Use database diagram for creating, analyzing, reverse-engineering, printing and customizing your Oracle databases and for:

  • Viewing foreign key relations
  • Displaying DB objects with properties
  • Execution of stored routines

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Database Designer

Import/Export Data

Export and import Oracle data for filling databases. dbForge Studio can export data to 14 popular formats and import it from 10 formats. Oracle import and export processes are customizable, and can be automated via the command-line interface.

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Import/Export Data

Report and Analysis

Data analysis and reporting are performed with the help of oracle reporting tools, data reports, pivot tables, and viewing master-detail relations. Comprehensive wizards and tools can display data as charts and tables, and provide means for adjusting data layout, grouping, sorting, etc.

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Data Reporting and Analysis