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Report Builder

dbForge Studio for Oracle provides professional reporting tools for analyzing Oracle databases. The reports can be used for the purposes of data exploration, data discovery, and decision-making.

Make balanced solutions with dbForge Report Builder that comes with dbForge Studio for Oracle. The tool offers a comprehensive environment for managing Oracle database reports and visualizing for business intelligence. dbForge Report Builder boasts:

Creating Oracle reports in a wink

You can create a simple data report without using any data source, or you can create a data-aware report basing on data available in database tables or views, or data that was received after executing some query. Master-detail report is a variety of data-aware report and can be also created using dbForge Studio for Oracle data report tool.

To create a report, you can either use Data Report Wizard, or create a report from scratch using the Blank Data Report option in the main menu. Also you can use the Send to option available in Data Editor and Database Explorer.

Oracle Report Builder

Report usage

After you create a report, you can choose what to do next: print it, save for future use, send it by e-mail, or export to Excel, HTML, CSV, PDF, RTF, and other formats.

If you need more information on creating reports or an Oracle reports example, you can refer to the comprehensive and full documentation provided with the application. As for the Oracle reports example, you can get a separate one for creating each type of report — simple, data-aware, and master-detail.

Oracle Report Tool - how to use Oracle reports

Command line interface

dbForge Studio for Oracle allows creating data reports and scheduling automatic report delivery through the command line interface. You can use Windows task scheduler to setup periodical report generation and delivery on the basis of a report template.

Reporting tools for Oracle database - Command line interface


dbForge Studio for Oracle possesses advanced reporting features. With the tool, you can build various kinds of reports and pivot tables with parameters, customizable formatting, and calculated summaries. This highly useful functionality is provided by default in dbForge Studio for Oracle along with many other database management tools and features.

dbForge Studio for Oracle

Multifunctional Oracle GUI

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