Oracle Database Compare Tool

Everyone who works with Oracle databases has to synchronize them from time to time. dbForge Studio for Oracle provides functionality that lets you visually see the differences and set up synchronization process to achieve safe and accurate synchronization of database schemas without data loss.

Set up comparison process

When you need to synchronize schemas, you should first compare them. For this purpose use the schema comparison functionality provided in dbForge Studio for Oracle. The New Schema Comparison wizard allows to compare databases, snapshots, or versioned snapshots. A rich set of comparison options and object filter make the comparison process highly customizable.

Oracle Database Compare Tool - New Schema Comparison Wizard

Analyze comparison results

After the comparison is completed, a neat grid with comparison results will be presented to you. You can manage the results as required: filter, group, view differences between objects, exclude objects from synchronization, etc. What is more, you can save comparison settings for future use and also generate comparison report.

Oracle Database Compare Tool - Comparison Results

Select synchronization options

Now you can proceed to schema synchronization itself. Click the Synchronize... button to open Schema Synchronization Wizard, where you can set options, select dependencies, view synchronization issues and summary. The wizard prompts you to select one of the three output options to manage synchronization scripts.

Oracle Database Compare Tool - Schema Synchronization Wizard

Synchronization script

If you choose Open the synchronization script in the internal editor, the generated synchronization script opens in SQL Editor. You can review the script, make changes, and execute the script to finish synchronization.

Oracle Database Compare Tool - Synchronization Script

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