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Oracle Database Administration Tools

dbForge Studio for Oracle comes with a set of tools for database administration. These are easy-to-use tools for managing server security, working with sessions, and monitoring events. Administration of Oracle databases becomes a pleasure due to wide variety of options, possibilities, and clear user interface.

Absolute control of user accounts

dbForge Studio provides a tool for managing database security, Security Manager. Managing server security implies working with user accounts. The tool serves for creating new user accounts, editing the existing ones, and deleting them. In the account, you can grant and revoke privileges, manipulate roles, and profiles.

With Security manager, you can work with several accounts at once.

Easy working with sessions

dbForge Studio provides a tool for managing sessions, Session Manager. It allows Oracle users to retrieve information about current session, or kill any query or session from clear user interface.

The grid of the tool window presents the list of current sessions. Cursor list and SQL fragment of the selected cursor, and session statistics with query text are displayed on the window tabs.

Event Monitor

dbForge Studio provides a tool for monitoring events, Event Monitor. It allows Oracle administrators to send and receive alerts and pipe messages.

Using the tool, you can listen to alerts, get alerts and pipe messages, and send them.

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Security Manager
Session Manager
Event Monitor