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Entity Relationship Diagram Tool for Oracle!

Oracle Designer is a powerful entity relationship (ER) database diagram tool for Oracle development that allows you to build a clear and effective database structure visually and to see the complete picture representing all the tables, foreign key relations between them, views, and stored routines of your database on database diagrams.

Design diagrams instantly with a simple drag-and-drop

Reverse engineer Oracle database in a few simple steps. All you have to do is drag your database objects from Database Explorer to the ER diagram tool. Your new database diagram will reflect all objects and existing connections simplifying further analysis. From this point you can layout the diagram automatically or manually by dragging shapes and moving the relations. Your diagram can contain a stamp containing company and project names, diagram author, version, date, and copyright. You also may add notes to your entities relationship diagram to describe its objects.

Navigating diagrams

Navigating Diagrams in Oracle Designer was designed with emphasis on speed and convenience. You can focus on any part of your ER diagram using scrollbars, mouse scroll or Diagram Overview window. Combined with zooming in and out and quick moving to the needed area, these features illustrate the true power of this Oracle database diagram software.

Straightaway diagram printing

Oracle visual designer is packed with outstanding features allowing to organize almost any number of objects on the diagram:

  • notes to explain certain diagram parts
  • unlimited number of stamps to specify information about your diagram
  • containers to group the shapes or store specific kinds of objects
  • packages to show encapsulated collections of related procedures, functions, and other program objects on your diagram
  • wide support of image formats backed by powerful image positioning features
Printing a DiagramPP

Visual Database Diagram Package

Diagram Note

Visual Database Diagram Note

Diagram Stamp

Visual Database Diagram Stamp

Availability in editions of dbForge Studio for Oracle





Visual Database Diagram
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* The number of schema objects on a diagram is limited.