Effective Object Search in Oracle database!

Utilities that perform search of Oracle database objects are often positioned as separate products that you should install and keep up to date. Still, search of database objects remains an important enough task to spend time on deciding which tool to use. With dbForge Studio for Oracle, you get this functionality in a pack with other useful features for managing databases. You can use object search when:

  • renaming database objects without breaking dependencies
  • finding any object in the Database Explorer tree by its name or part of its name
  • reducing errors and improving performance of databases

Find Object functionality can help you perform search in object names, object DDL, and table data. The main principles of performing Oracle search are described below.

Search in object names

You can benefit from this option when you need to find occurrence of the search phrase in database object names. Type the search phrase in the corresponding field, select connection and schema(s), check the check boxes near required objects, adjust find options and start search.

The application will send a query to metadata, find the ?Name? column in metadata, and search the phrase occurrence. The results will be displayed in the Find Object Results window. From this window, you can start working with found objects.

Search object names

Search in object DDL

In this case the application will perform search of the required phrase in DDLs of all objects.

For this, it will obtain DDLs of all schema objects and search for the occurrences of the requested phrase in text. Results of the search will contain object name, its owner, and the line where the match was found.

Search object DDL

Search in table data

When you have to find an occurrence of the search phrase in data of database tables, use this option.

The application will send a query to obtain data from all columns in tables, and then search for a match.

You can specify names of tables, views or materialized views to narrow down the search in the Object name filter field.

Search table data

Working with search results

Results of the search are displayed in the Find Object Results window. From this window, you can navigate to object in Database Explorer, open it, generate schema script, clear results, etc.

All these options accelerate your work and make routine tasks easier to accomplish. Besides, the chance of making mistakes is minimal as you see everything in one window and navigate between different objects automatically.

Work with search results

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