Oracle Schema Export and Import Utility

The Import and Export functionality helps you effectively back up and restore schema objects between Oracle databases using its schema export/import wizards, Oracle export/import utilities, or command-line interface.

dbForge Studio for Oracle offers a simple and quick way to export and import Oracle schema with or without data. You can back up and restore a database structure, all schema objects or the selected ones, multiple tablespaces, databases, users, etc. Save your time and make it easier to perform export/import tasks, using the following capabilities:

  • Export a database object to a simple SQL script
  • Perform export and import at a table, user, full, and tablespace level
  • Customize schema export/import in Oracle with extended options
  • Create your own default settings templates of schema export and import for later use
  • Automate and schedule schema export/import through the command line

Using Schema Export/Import Wizard

Schema export and import wizards are intended to help DBAs to effectively and quickly export and import schema and data from/to a SQL file that can be read and modified before importing.

The Schema Export wizard allows you to export schema objects, select any of five levels to archive your files, use the auto-delete option to remove old Oracle backup files and easily free your disc space. Customization options also include backing up your data or structure, and handling errors behavior and logging options.

The Schema Import wizard requires a SQL file with a schema script created during the previous export operation.

Export and import Oracle schemas and databases in Export/Import Wizard

Using Oracle Export/Import Utility

dbForge Studio for Oracle provides convenient Export/Import Utility wizards for working with the command line interface of Oracle export and import utilities.

Export/Import Utilities allow you to export data from an Oracle database and import it into another Oracle database in one of the four export modes: Table, User, Full, and Tablespace. You can filter the export or adjust the export/import by selecting additional objects and extending settings options.

The export operation creates an output dump file, containing the data, and a configuration file with the export parameters. These files can later be used to import data in the Import Utility wizard.

Export tables in Export Utility

Schema Import/Export through Command Line

Automating and scheduling the schema export and import tasks can optimize the process and increase your productivity. Using the command line interface, you can:

  • Set up file settings to manage a .bat file text
  • Save your settings along with connections as a project .bat file to use whenever you need
  • Enable the PowerShell compatibility
  • Control the display of commands on the terminal screen
Export Oracle database through the command line


The Schema Export and Import functionality available in dbForge Studio for Oracle is a great solution that can help you drastically and enhance database performance when backing up and restoring schema data, specific schema objects, tables, database structure, etc. from/to a SQL file or an Oracle database. Creating your own default settings for the operations can minimize time for repetitive export tasks. The feature also optimizes schema export and import routines and saves your time as you do not need to work with the command line interface of Oracle export and import utilities directly.

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Availability in the editions of dbForge Studio for Oracle


Schema Export and Import
Export and Import Utility Wizards

* Express Edition does not support command line, schema export projects, auto deletion of old export files, compression, schema export files larger than 1MB.