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Wouldn't it be nice to simplify and automate your routine operations, double your productivity, and have every tool always at hand? dbForge handles it all with database development and management tools that deliver value at every stage of your work.

Database development tools: Design
Table designer contains visual editors for columns, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, check constraints, statistics, and table storage properties. It allows you to edit table data, navigate through the visual editor and T-SQL editor synchronously, use automatic prompts of data types, document tables, preview ALTER TABLE scripts, and rebuild your table without losing its data.
Create a database diagram to visualize its structure and logical relations between tables. Edit database objects directly on the diagram. Cluster logically related objects using containers. Print out large database diagrams with convenience.
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Best database development tools
Speed up SQL coding with context-based smart suggestions, perform scripts formatting and refactoring, improve code readability, and boost your overall productivity.
Hunt down bugs in your code of stored procedures, triggers, and functions by observing their behavior at runtime using step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints and watches.
Sync developers working in different teams with our comparison tools. Move database schema changes safely from a sandbox to a production server and upgrade the structure of databases.
Version-control schemas and reference data in source control systems, such as SVN, TFS, and Git. Work on a central database or your own local copy, resolve conflicts, and roll back changes. Easily check who made the changes, when they made them, and why.
Create documents in HTML, PDF, or Markdown. Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual documentation tasks. Keep teams up to date and satisfy audit requirements by maintaining and distributing complete and relevant documentation.
Database management solutions: Testing
Generate large volumes of meaningful test data with a great choice of predefined generators. Their sensible configuration options allow to emulate column-intelligent real-world data.
Develop stable and reliable code that can be regression-tested at the unit level. Run unit tests as part of your automated builds.
Visualize query execution plan and tune query performance, locate bottlenecks and optimize slow queries.
Database software tools: Data loading
Enjoy managing tabular data: editing, filtering, sorting, and copying custom-selected cells. Use quick data export to the INSERT query and view it in text, grid, or card view.
Copy lookup data from development databases to staging or production. Analyze data changes step by step by viewing different records, as well as new and missing ones. Automate comparison and synchronization tasks using command-line interface.
Easily migrate your data to and from 10+ most widely used data formats. Customize and manage the entire process. Create templates for the scheduled process, specify error processing options, and log the process to a file.
Database management solutions: Analysis
Draw queries of any complexity visually, without typing any code. Visualize designed queries on a diagram, work with subqueries, edit JOIN and WHERE conditions visually. Design INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries in addition to SELECT queries.
Make formatted representations of SQL data in PDF, DOCX and other file formats. Illustrate data as charts using a chart designer. Include aggregated data in the form of a pivot table. Display data from a hierarchical data source as a master-detail report.
View and analyze data of tables linked together with foreign keys or user-defined interrelations by setting up the parent table, which gets data from its child tables in the same window.
Pivot table helps you analyze summarized data, which is placed on a chart that facilitates reporting and explores trends based on your information. It's useful for long rows or columns that hold values that you need to track the sums of and then easily compare.
Database management solutions: Maintenance
Monitor server performance in real time. In addition to disk loading metrics, CPU and memory usage metrics are displayed.
Analyze the status of table indexes and fix issues with index fragmentation. Collect fragmentation stats and detect databases that require maintenance. Instantly rebuild and reorganize indexes in a visual mode or generate scripts for future use.
Based on SQL Server Extended Events, this tool helps you track and monitor instances using traces. Now you can easily locate and eliminate server performance bottlenecks.
Encrypt and decrypt stored procedures, views, triggers, and functions in a responsive UI with syntax highlighting, Unicode support, batch mode, and decryption caching features.
View and analyze database transaction logs, see detailed information about all changes in the examined database, and recover data by reverting unwanted transactions on different levels.
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The dbForge product line focuses on the four major database systems. For each of them, we offer a feature-rich independent IDE, which covers a variety of database development and administration tasks, as well as minor standalone applications and add-ins with a narrow focus (including, but not limited to fast SQL coding, visual query building, and database comparison).

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