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All you need to compare, analyze, synchronize Oracle databases

Grab the full power to handle changes in your databases with dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle. It will save you hours of work comparing and deploying Oracle databases.

Oracle Compare Bundle contains two separate tools, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle and dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, and offers a significant discount if compared with purchasing each tool separately:

Professional Edition   Regular Price Bundle Price
dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle Professional Edition   $229.95 UP TO 25% OFF
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle Standard Edition   $149.95 UP TO 25% OFF
    Total: $379.90 Bundle Price: $289.95

When you purchase the tools separately, the overall cost is $379.90

When you purchase the bundle, you pay $289.95 only

You save $89.95

See why Compare Bundle is worth it

Schema objects support

With Schema Compare for Oracle, you can compare and synchronize the following schema objects:

  • Array Type
  • Cluster
  • Database Link
  • DML Trigger
  • Function
  • Java Source
  • Materialized View
  • Materialized View Log
  • Object Type
  • Package
  • Procedure
  • Sequence
  • Synonym
  • Table
  • Table Type
  • View
  • XML Schema
Supported Schema Objects

Rich comparison and synchronization options

Handy comparison wizards will help you to tune data and schema comparisons up to your needs. In particular, you can:
  • Compare multiple schemas
  • Include tables or views into data comparison by mask or individually
  • Exclude objects from data comparison by mask or individually
  • Ignore columns by mask (e.g. don't compare ModifiedDate column in all tables)
  • Float types rounding
  • Ignore Case and Ignore Trailing Spaces options for string comparison
  • Ignore differences in identifier and keyword case
  • Compare wrapped and unwrapped PL/SQL objects
    ...and more!
Comparison Customization

Comparison results analysis

Both tools of the bundle feature Comparison Document, that is designed for convenient analysis of comparison results. It will help you to:

  • Filter and sort objects in result
  • View data differences for each pair of objects
  • Perform full-text search in data differences
  • View number of changes per column
  • Hide unmodified columns to simplify analysis
  • Generate data comparison report in Excel and HTML formats
  • Include actual data into report
  • Report on selected objects only
Comparison Document

Smart sync

  • Multiple ways to sync data: create and open, execute, save synchronization script
  • Migrate individual records, groups of records, or all data differences
  • Toggle synchronization direction to apply data changes to both databases
  • Rollback changes on error
  • Synchronize LOBs via files
  • Warnings on possible problems prior to synchronization
Smart sync

Routine tasks automation

The command-line functionality of the tools allow to:

  • Save comparison project settings for future use
  • Save settings to a command line arguments file
  • Compare data
  • Compare schemas
  • Multiple ways to sync data and schemas (execute script, save synchronization script)
  • Generate data report
  • Execute script
  • Format script