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overall database release costs

dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server is a cutting-edge solution that takes conventional database development and deployment to a whole new level. By embracing the DevOps database automation and database management approaches and implementing such DevOps practices, as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, this database DevOps tool minimizes deployment risks, energizes quality and update frequency, and makes the overall workflow consistent and safe. dbForge DevOps embodies all our knowledge and expertise in SQL Server to deliver the most innovative approach to the database lifecycle management.

Database DevOps for SQL Server - Development


When all changes to a developed SQL code have been made, developers commit them to a shared repository which is further synchronized with the central code base. Then the application or feature is being built from the extracted code and goes through the process of unit testing. Database Continuous Integration is a key to automation of each and every step that follows database development process.

Database DevOps for SQL Server - Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Database Continuous Integration is a development practice that implies that each tiny addition to the code is tested each time when the changes are being made. SQL Server Continuous Integration allows detecting and eliminating bugs on early stages of development, which drastically cuts the gap between development, testing, and the release.

Database DevOps for SQL Server - Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

The Database Continuous Delivery practice ensures smooth and frequent releases of updates. With the database release automation, you can always feel certain of each code alteration is releasable. Thus, the database release management becomes less risky and stressful, and at the same time, the frequency of updates boosts drastically. The higher frequency of rolling out updates makes a product more flexible, reliable, and, consequently, more attractive to customers. Even if some issues somehow penetrated into production, they can be easily eliminated with a timely and simple update that won't be a nightmare for developers.

Database DevOps for SQL Server - Operation


Proactive and intelligent SQL Server monitoring and reporting ensures that you can detect, analyze, and eliminate any performance-related issues before they end up in the computers and servers of your customers. As a result, your teams spend less time and efforts, while you get more customers who are happy with the product they can rely on.

Why choose DevOps Automation for SQL Server

Level up your SQL coding

  • Change code up to your needs with SQL Complete.
  • Beautify SQL code with the SQL Formatter feature built in dbForge SQL Complete.
  • Refactor your code easily with the Code Refactor feature included into SQL Complete.

Boost database development

  • Deploy local changes to the central repository using Source Control used teams in Shared or Dedicated database development mode.
  • Build a database seamlessly from the Sync or Update script with Schema Compare.
  • Automate and simplify the SQL unit test process with not affect to actual database with Unit Test.

Enhance your CI system

  • Customize the steps of a database project development and deployment in the already familiar Continuous Integration System, like Jenkins.
  • Organize the DevOps process quickly and easily with dbForge cmdlets for PowerShell.

Get benefits from automation

  • Switch to the DevOps approach form the conventional development model and boost the deployment speed and leads to faster feature delivery.
  • Ensure continuous feedback that will result in faster problem-solving with the DevOps automation.
  • Make your management less complex and cut down the costs with the DevOps approach.

DevOps Automation is a part of Developer Bundle

Developer Bundle includes a pack of essential SSMS add-ins and tools

DevOps Automation integrates into:

It's a reliable and effortless way to organize CI/CD during the DevOps process.

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