Manage SQL Database Changes in Source Control

dbForge Source Control is a powerful SSMS add-in for managing SQL Server database changes in source control. The tool can link your databases to all popular source control systems, including SVN, TFS, Git (including GitHub), Perforce, Mercurical, and SourceGear Vault. dbForge Source Control delivers smooth and clear workflow in a familiar interface.

Supported Source Control Systems

Subversion (SVN)

Team Foundation Server (including TFS Cloud)

Git (including GitHub)



SourceGear Vault

Source-controlling a working folder

A working folder contains SQL script files that represent your database. It allows you to script database changes to a database folder. After saving changes, the database working folder can be source-controlled with your version control system in the same way you version-control other files.

Source-Controlling a Working Folder

Source Control Manager

Perform essential SQL version control tasks visually in a handy interface. In particular, the Source Control Manager allows you to:

  • Commit. Updates source control with your local changes. Created and modified objects will be scripted and put into the repository. Dropped objects will be excluded from the repository.
  • Get Latest. Updates database with the latest changes from source control. Database objects can be created, modified or dropped during that process.
  • Resolve conflicts. Conflict is a result of discrepancy between the latest version of an object in source control and the one in local database. You can resolve it in two ways:
    • Your version of an object will be committed to source control.
    • Your changes will be discarded. The local database will be updated with the latest version of an object from source control.
Source Control Manager

Changes History

The Changes History document allows you to:

  • View changes history for the entire SQL database or for separate database objects.
  • View details of each commit, including revision ID, date, author and comments.
  • View list of objects that were modified in each commit.
  • View DDL differences for each object.
  • Compare revisions.
Changes History Document

Undoing Changes

With dbForge Source Control, you can easily cancel any local changes you don't want to commit.

Undoing Changes
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