Compare and Sync SQL Server Schemas

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable tool that saves your time and effort when comparing and synchronizing databases on SQL Server. The tool allows working with live SQL Server databases, snapshots, and backups. You can quickly compare your SQL Server databases, analyze differences and perform error-free schema synchronization using generated SQL scripts.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

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What benefits SQL Server developers get?

What benefits do SQL Server developers get?

  • Compare and sync SQL Server database schemas
  • Compare database schema and SQL Server backup
  • Generate comparison reports in Excel and HTML
  • Track production database changes
  • Schema snapshots for savepoints
  • Automate migration of schema changes via CLI
  • Improve SQL Server schema versioning using source control integration
What benefits SQL Server developers get?

How can Schema Compare facilitate your work?

  • Accelerate application development by automating cycles of database deployment and testing
  • Lower enterprise application lifecycle costs
  • Speed up application upgrades owing to tracking impact of upgrades on customizations
  • Reduce system downtime caused by application changes and speed up the recovery
  • Eliminate mistakes in schema changes propagation

SQL Server Management Studio Integration

Schema Compare for SQL Server is supplied as a standalone application. However, the package includes an add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Integrating Schema Compare in SSMS allows you to launch your comparison directly from the Object Explorer context menu as well as from the SSMS main menu.

How enterprises benefit from the tool?

Advantages for enterprises

  • Reduced system downtime caused by data replication errors, and quick recovery
  • Accelerated application development thanks to fast deployment of data changes
  • Customized data synchronization scenarios at low cost
Benefits of Data Compare Tool for SQL Server

Why choose our tool?

  • Rich and thoroughly developed functionality
  • Great performance when comparing large databases
  • Wide support of SQL Server versions
  • Affordable price and one year of free product updates
  • Excellent user support and feedback service

dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server

Devart offers Schema Compare for SQL Server and Data Compare for SQL Server in one package dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server. Save hours of work comparing and deploying SQL Server databases – buy dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server now and double your success!

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