How a software development company has improved DevOps processes with Schema Compare

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Millennial Information Systems LLC is a management consulting and software development company founded in 2013. It specializes in helping growth phase, technology-focused companies transition to maturity by providing management and productivity tools, services, and expertise. Millennial Information Systems creates sustainable growth by bridging the gap between strategy and execution.
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Challenges faced

As the company creates and delivers software solutions for a variety of customers, the need for fine-tuning and improving the DevOps processes was burning. The deployment process was complicated by multiple developers implementing database schema changes and the need to rapidly test and deploy solutions. The company required faster and easier validating of schema on Dev, Prod, and QA sites for specific release versions.

The owner searched for the tools that would help automate those tasks and eliminate the bottlenecks and wastes of time. Eventually, he chose dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server from Devart. It prevailed due to its ease of use and ability to customize analysis for the purpose. Other tools did not have all the functionality that Devart’s product offered.

This tool had to resolve issues that took place while writing and maintaining custom codes to simplify the database versioning.
The had to compare QA, Dev, and Production database schemas to ensure that the deployed database schema matches the target version.
One more task is to validate the changes to be applied and apply the corrections to the schema directly, without the opportunity for manual mistakes.
"It does the comparison with the click of a button... We have had NO bugs released to production as a result of an incorrect schema."
James Spruill
James Spruill

Results achieved

With the help of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server, the company could improve the database development processes substantially. The tool compares schemas, validates changes, and provides means to either deploy the changes immediately or create an upgrade script that can be incorporated into the release process.

Multiple developers can work on different projects, and the database changes get merged and validated against the test site. This way, engineering, and DevOps jobs got an impressive productivity boost.

Key Features Millennial Information Systems is excited about

Schema Comparison

The Schema Comparison tool allows users to compare schemas of two databases easily and quickly. Users can customize the comparison and synchronization process by setting different options and filtering conditions.

Generate an update script

dbForge Schema Comparison for SQL Server can automatically generate a script to update one schema with another, and/or execute it directly to the target database, or save it to the specified file.

Object Filter

dbForge Schema Comparison for SQL Server allows users to select what items are subject to comparison by applying default filters or by creating custom ones for the objects with the help of the Object Filter feature.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

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