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Prince Rupert Grain Ltd offers the best route for Canadian grain bound for Asian and mid-east markets. Opened in 1985, the terminal was built to improve Canada’s ability to export grain and oilseeds. The facility has an annual export capacity in excess of seven million tonnes, offering the highest throughput of any grain-cleaning elevator in Canada. Prince Rupert Grain handles wheat, barley, and canola shipped by rail directly from grain elevators on the prairies to the terminal. The terminal also processes and exports byproducts such as grain screening pellets, feed screenings, mixed feed oats and associated commodities.

Database developers at Prince Rupert Grain Ltd were looking for a tool for developing, managing and administering Oracle databases. They needed a non-Java app with a smaller RAM footprint, nicer grouping and presentation of object properties. Among the available solutions on the market, dbForge Studio for Oracle better suited the specified requirements.

“We are a grain-export terminal. Our mission statement states "To provide a quality and cost-effective handling and processing service for producers and consumers of Canadian Grain". Our goal was to find a GUI tool for debugging PL/SQL, making complex queries, for database development, data analysis and reporting. The available development tools didn't take advantage of Oracle DB-specific features. But dbForge Studio for Oracle was just exactly what we needed. The tool made one-off and ad-hoc reports fast and easy to define, faster trigger and stored-procedure development was achieved!“
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Randal Tomczuk, Systems Superintendent
PL/SQL coding assistance
The intelligent code completion functionality integrated into dbForge Studio for Oracle made the development of PL/SQL code faster and easier. Automatic code completion, code snippets, quick info on schema objects, smart formatting - all this cut the coding time by almost one third.

Get an interactive GUI tool for debugging PL/SQL
With Oracle PL/SQL Debugger, being a part of dbForge Studio for Oracle, editing, compiling, running, and debugging PL/SQL code has become as easy as a pie. The tool offers full control over code execution to yield only error-free code.

Faster trigger and stored procedure development
With Visual Object Editors included in dbForge Studio for Oracle, there is no need to type PL/SQL code to create or alter objects. There is an ability to handle almost any database objects, such as tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, user types, etc.

Key Features Prince Rupert Grain Ltd is excited about

PL/SQL coding assistant

The tool allows you to speed up coding routines by prompting a list of objects depending on the context you type, displaying object properties, adding code snippets, formatting code, and all this is available directly from where you write your code.

Oracle PL/SQL Debugger

A must-have tool to make the debugging process fast and safe. You can debug procedures, functions, and even triggers without fear to affect the original execution process and the procedure logic. It has everything needed to make debugging a pleasure.

Database Designer

A database modeling tool great for both managing an existing database and building a new one from scratch. You can create a relational model of a database by simply dragging and dropping objects from a Database Explorer to a visual diagram.

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