Learn more about dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

Bring your schema comparison and synchronization to a whole new level with dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server. Find out the most efficient practices that will streamline your workflow.


A brief introduction to dbForge Schema Compare

Get acquainted with the key features and capabilities of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server.

Get started with the dbForge Schema Compare tool

Watch this short video to learn how to install Schema Compare.

How to integrate dbForge Schema Compare with your DevOps

See how you can automate the comparison and sync of SQL Server database schemas within your DevOps.

Automate and schedule SQL database synchronization from the Command Line

Explore how you can automate and schedule routine database comparison and synchronization tasks.

How to automate database schema changes for the CI process in database deployment

Find out more on how dbForge Schema Compare can be used in the DevOps processes.

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To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Learn all about setting data sources and comparison options, mapping schemas, tables, and columns, as well as comparing database schemas in SSMS.

See how to review and analyze comparison results, check SQL differences in your database schemas, use Object Filter, and generate handy comparison reports.

Master our synchronization wizard and learn all about selecting objects, setting up sync options and output, creating custom pre- and post-execution scripts, and more.

Here's all you need to know about writing and executing SQL queries, using parameters, managing large scripts, and checking server messages and errors.

View, edit, sort, group and filter data in the grid using the built-in Data Editor; learn all about server-side and client-side sorting and filtering, as well as paginal and auto-search modes for convenient work.

dbForge Schema Compare

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