SQL Server Database Comparison Tools - Case Study

Learn how dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare for SQL Server can assist you in a challenging process of schema comparison and what benefits it can provide.

Business challenge

A widely-recognized retailer decided to refine its old-established customer management system to increase sales by converting more website visitors into customers. One of the solutions was to create accounts for potential customers to offer a range of customized services.

The retailer's production database contains the Sales schema with the Customers table holding a list of regular customers. The retailer uses a staging database to add the Accounts table and a foreign key constraint to the Customers table, which references the AccountID field of the Accounts table. After applying the changes, the retailer tries to synchronize the production and staging databases.

The synchronization fails as the foreign key of the Customers table cannot be created, because the Accounts table was moved to the Sales database without data. The retailer searches for a reliable tool to quickly complete this task without any errors and efforts.

The study case is slightly simplified to illustrate how effectively the Devart tools address a similar case. See the script sample for details


The Devart company offers an efficient solution for such a case. dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server and dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server are specifically designed for non-trivial schema and data comparison and synchronization tasks. These tools successfully accomplish the desired synchronization, much faster than the schema synchronization the retailer performed with the other tool.

Task completion

The retailer uses dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server to compare the staging database Sales_2 and the production database Sales_1. The feature-rich schema comparison wizard helps to compare the selected schemas. The retailer uses the option "Ignore foreign keys" during comparison and synchronization.

dbForge Schema Compare: Schema comparison wizard

The comparison results showed that the Customers tables are identical in both schemas, whereas the Accounts table exists only in the Sales_2 table.

dbForge Data Compare: comparison results

After that, the retailer uses dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server to synchronize the data in the compared tables. The convenient data comparison wizard allows to quickly select and compare the required databases. Moreover, the retailer was delighted to find multiple essential comparison options. After synchronization, the Accounts table was created in the Sales_1 database.

dbForge Data Compare: Data comparison wizard

The data comparison results are automatically grouped by type, which significantly simplifies their analysis. The data synchronization wizard ensures error-free and quick data synchronization while offering backup of the target database, as well as other useful features to deliver the result the retailer needs.

dbForge Data Compare: comparison results

Then, the retailer returns to the comparison results in dbForge Schema Compare and once again compares the schemas, this time turning off the "Ignore foreign keys" option selected for the first comparison. The foreign key differences are shown for the compared Customers tables.

dbForge Schema Compare: comparison results

Solution benefits

dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare help synchronize schemas and their data keeping referential integrity.

dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare successfully completed the task and gave a number of benefits including:

  • Less time for comparison and synchronization
  • Better insight into schema and data comparison processes thanks to intuitive UIs
  • Safe synchronization with ability to backup a target database
  • A wide range of additional options to get a customized result

dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server

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