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dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a powerful SQL comparison tool that easily copes with big data and supports native SQL Server backups. Using dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server, you can arrange a flawless SQL database comparison, quickly analyze SQL data differences, compare static data against a version-controlled database, generate comparison reports, and synchronize SQL Server data by means of the convenient wizard. The tool integrates with SQL Server Management Studio.

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Compare the results of custom queries

What if you need flexibility that goes beyond the basic comparison of entire tables and views? What if you need selective comparison output based on your custom requirements?

It's easy! The solution lies in the killer feature of dbForge Data Compare - comparison of custom query results. Just like with regular data comparison, you get simple setup, fast execution, clear output, and instant generation of synchronization scripts.

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Data Compare as part of DevOps Automation

Use Data Compare along with dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server to extend DevOps practices to SQL Server databases. The solution helps optimizing productivity, reducing database release costs, and making the overall workflow consistent and safe.

dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server

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