Advanced Autocompletion Pretty SQL Formatting
Smart Code Refactoring

Write, beautify, refactor your code easily and boost your productivity dramatically due to the features that are included in SQL Complete but are lacking in SSMS and Visual Studio IntelliSense:

  • Smart IntelliSense-style SQL completion
  • Great code snippets collection
  • SSMS tab coloring & document sessions
  • Intelligent renaming of aliases and variables
  • Advanced customizable code formatting
  • Fatal execution warning reminder
  • Results grid aggregates & data visualizer

...and even more!

Code Completion

Enhance code accuracy and quality, as well as simplify the process of creating SQL queries with the following features:

  • Context-based code completion
  • Code completion for CTE
  • Managing aliases
  • Suggestions of objects
  • Code refactoring
  • SQL snippets
  • Statement suggestion
  • Code highlighting

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Code Completion

T-SQL Refactoring

This feature allows you to improve code readability by giving meaningful and self-explaining names to tables, columns, temporary tables and columns, views, stored procedures, and functions. SQL Complete will automatically correct all references to the renamed objects.

  • Renaming objects
  • Renaming variables
  • Finding invalid objects

With the help of the rename functionally, you can also change the names of local and SQLCMD variables in a couple of seconds. Preview code changes in a convenient tree-view of the Rename dialog window.

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T-SQL Refactoring


Boost your productivity when creating, refactoring, modifying and beautifying the code using a rich set of features:

  • Data Grid commands
  • Grid Aggregates
  • Jump between queries
  • Tab Coloring
  • Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement
  • Execution warnings
  • Execution notifications

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SQL Code Formatting

Create or edit new formatting profiles or customize the existing ones to your needs to easily improve code readability and to introduce unified code formatting standards for your company.

  • Formatting profiles
  • Formatting settings
  • Formatting in files and directories
  • Disabling formatting for a certain part of the code
  • Bulk formatting

With SQL Formatter, you can work either with available code or a new code. Try SQL Formatter online without having to download or install anything!

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SQL Code Formatting

Why Choose SQL Complete instead of SSMS IntelliSense®

Much faster work

SQL Complete is designed to increase productivity. Developers and DBAs working with SQL become much faster thanks to our tool, as it provides smart prompts based on the code context, selected database, etc. The application takes the smallest hint to guess what you are trying to write.

Coding standards

Have you ever faced a problem when developers within your team invent their own SQL coding standards? With SQL Complete you can customize code style settings, share them with others using the Import and Export settings wizard, and even start over by resetting custom settings to their default values.

Pretty code with SQL formatting

SQL Complete gives you a great opportunity to fight unintelligible poorly formatted SQL code. Set the wide range of formatting options so that the code is formatted in accordance with your needs and preferences - code will be easier to read, understand, debug, and test.

Support for all SQL Server versions

With a standard tool, you won't get SQL Server Management Studio IntelliSense for all versions of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Complete supports all of them! Just install your server and our application - and work wonders in your SQL coding!

Kissel Rubion,Computer Engineering,
Ateneo de Davao University
SQL Complete is an Amazing tool! It made me even more productive. When you're working on different projects this is the tool that you need. I am working with Xamarin.forms and this tool just made it easier for me to get the specific data I need during testing. They found a way to make SSMS even better especially with the Intellisense-like feature.
Onur AytekinSoftware Architect
I'm preparing the system and software infrastructure for the new projects in our system. I also support the development and maintenance needs of our existing ERP system. I'm preparing new reports in Srs and SAP AI reporting programs and prepare the queries of the reports in the database. SQL Complete program makes my work very easy in writing these queries.
Sam Duval, Market Research Analyst at Elements Financial
I’ve been using the free version of Devart’s SQL complete for a little over a year, and the trial version of the complete (paid) version for the past week or so. This tool has been the most valuable edition to SSMS I’ve used. The replacement intelisense alone is worth the cost of the program...

SQL Complete Express - Free Add-in for SSMS

Express Edition

Use SQL Complete Express, if:

  • You are a newbie in development
  • This edition suits your business needs and budget
  • You are an enthusiast working for nonprofit organizations such as universities, churches, educational institutions, municipalities, etc.
Express Edition

FREE edition provides:

  • Code completion for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, EXEC, and DELETE statements
  • Basic SQL formatting functionality
  • Smart filtering in the suggestion list
  • Parameter information for procedures and functions

SQL Complete is part of Developer Bundle

Developer Bundle includes a pack of essential SSMS add-ins and tools

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Takes part in DevOps Automation

Use SQL Complete along with dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server to extend the DevOps approach to SQL Server databases. The solution makes it easy to integrate SQL Server database into the DevOps process without compromising quality, performance, or reliability.

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