Smart Code Completion and SQL Formatting

SSMS is packed with features to manage and control SQL Server databases, as well as to develop, format and refactor T-SQL code, build queries and scripts.

However, there are a lot of productivity features missing in SSMS that can improve your performance while accomplishing repetitive tasks every day.

dbForge SQL Complete is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio with fully-featured tools that speed up SQL code writing, offer context-based smart suggestions, perform automatic formatting and refactoring, improve code readability, increase productivity, lower costs, and much more, thus allowing you to save time and efforts in the database and code development process with several clicks.

Context-based Autocompletion

Code Completion

Enhance code accuracy and quality with context-based code completion prompts, code highlighting and navigation, SQL snippets, statement suggestions and much more.

Inserting suggestions are automatically popped up with a list of objects or tables depending on the statements you are typing in your queries.

Alias option automatically assigns aliases to tables, functions, and views relevant to the SELECT statement. Still, you can add your custom aliases as well.

Code refactoring renames database objects, including tables, views, stored procedures, and functions, as well as variables easily and risk-free. Before applying code changes, you may preview them by pressing F2.

SQL snippets save time for creating a code by avoiding the recurrent use of code fragments. With Snippets Manager..., you can create a new snippet or modify the predefined one to your needs.

Statement suggestion offers a list of suggestions for DDL, JOIN, and security statements based on foreign keys and the context while creating the code.

Code highlighting determines whether the SQL code is created correctly by highlighting paired code elements.

Hints provide main information for a database object where the cursor is located.

Document Outline helps you easily synchronize the structure of the whole SQL document in the code with the structure in Document Outline.

Suggestion for a linked SQL Server allows you to connect to supported Microsoft SQL Servers.

Statement expansion allows you to add all the columns specified to the particular object and available in the table to the INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER, and EXEC statements.

SQL Refactoring

SQL Code Formatting

Customize and edit formatting profiles and settings to your needs to easily improve code readability and check queries and statements for syntax errors.

Formatting profiles allow you to modify the existing profiles that meet your requirements or create new ones using the predefined settings and formatting options.

Formatting settings help you customize the completed statements to your coding habits by checking their format on paste and when typing. To do this, simply select the appropriate checkboxes.

Formatting in files and directories selects the corresponding formatting mode by adding folders (for directories) or files you want to format.


Productivity NEW

Boost your productivity when creating, refactoring, modifying and beautifying the code with tab coloring, script generation, navigation, and much more.

Document management

Custom SSMS main window title allows you to change the default main window title being suitable for your requirements.

Restore last closed tab easily opens and restores recently closed or accidentally closed tabs within one SSMS session, even the unsaved ones.

Restore last document session can reopen the last session, including unsaved or accidentally closed documents, after closing SSMS. Additionally, you can enable/disable document restoration by setting a corresponding checkbox option in the General tab of the Options window.

Close unmodified tabs allows you to close all tabs that were not edited by right-clicking on the corresponding tab caption and selecting Close All Unmodified.

Tab Coloring sets the corresponding color of the environment depending on the servers related to development, production, sandbox or test.

Executed SQL Statements History stores information about executed SQL Statements for the particular period and searches for queries you run in the database.

Run script on multiple databases allows you to execute a single script against multiple databases. Coming soon

Data Grid commands

Generate Script As from SSMS grid generates a script based on the data in the table.

Copy Data As from SSMS grid will copy results received from SSMS grid to Excel, CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON data formats. Coming soon

Grid Aggregates highlights cells by one column for numbers and dates in the result grid. Coming soon

Data visualizers output data as a text, picture, Word or Excel document into the Results Grid. Coming soon

Find in Results Grid searches for the required data in the grid by the specified value. You may click Highlight All to find all matches, Match Case to specify a case-sensitive mode or Whole Words to look only for particular words. Coming soon

Extended menu options

Execute current statement runs the outlined statement by right-clicking and selecting the corresponding function on the shortcut menu.

Execute to cursor runs statements to the cursor position.

Navigation from objects in SQL Doc to objects in Object Explorer allows you to go from Code Editor to the object in Object Explorer.

Jump between queries allows you to navigate between the statements via Alt+PageUp and Alt+PageDown.

Convert EXEC to Script retrieves the content of the EXECUTE statement to the script.

Rename Alias/Variable can assign custom aliases to tables and objects and replace all the specified variable names, as well as references to them to new names. By clicking F2, you can preview changes in the code.

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Script object located at cursor position directly from SQL Editor generates a script in a separate SQL document, which allows you to create or alter the table at which the cursor is located. You may also use Ctrl + F12.

Script Object as ALTER/CREATE generates DDL objects to the ALTER or CREATE statements.

Insert semicolons adds missing semicolons in the code.

Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement helps you to quickly go to the column of the corresponding value. To do this, simply set a cursor on the Value and use Shift+F12.

Generate CRUD generates a script in a new SQL document, including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. Columns in tables may be ordered either by the ordinal number or alphabetically. Coming soon

Inline EXEC can be used to unwrap sp_executesql. Coming soon

Jump between BEGIN and END allows you to navigate to the BEGIN/END statements via Shift+F12. Coming soon

Find invalid objects helps quickly search for invalid objects in a database. Coming soon

Comment/Uncomment selection allows adding or deleting comments to/from the selected part of the statement through /**/ and – syntax accordingly. Coming soon

Copy full object name from Object Explorer makes a copy of the selected object from Object Explorer. Coming soon

Edit Top N Table Rows allows you to make changes to the SQL query of the specified number of rows. Coming soon

T-SQL Analyzer improves quality of your code by configuring rules. Coming soon

UI/User experience capabilities

Execution warnings alerts a user about running queries which may cause data loss. Coming soon

Execution notifications displays a notification after the query execution including a name of the document, execution result, connection, start time and duration. Coming soon

Transaction reminder notifies you when the transaction is not completed after the script execution. Coming soon

SSMS Commands dump provides a list of functions and commands of your SSMS instance. Coming soon

Connection Management

Preferred connection allows you to configure your favorite and mostly used connection at startup. Coming soon

Set as active connection will set the current connection as active. To get more benefits, combine this feature with the preferred connection. Coming soon

Alert tip can be enabled to notify you about unnecessary changes or modifications in the environment. Coming soon

Virtual Folders organizes your database objects by adding them into custom folders of SSMS logically connected. Coming soon

Quick Connection Switch allows you to jump between favorite and established connections. Coming soon

Recent Connections - connections history in SSMS monitors the connection history. Coming soon

Why Choose SQL Complete instead of T-SQL IntelliSense®

Increased Productivity

Much faster work

SQL Complete is designed to increase productivity. Developers and DBAs working with SQL become much faster thanks to our tool, as it provides smart prompts based on the code context, selected database, etc. The application takes the smallest hint to guess what you are trying to write.

SQL Server versions supported

Pretty code with SQL formatting

SQL Complete gives you a great opportunity to fight unintelligible poorly formatted SQL code. Set the wide range of formatting options so that the code is formatted in accordance with your needs and preferences - the code will be easier to read, understand, debug, and test.

SQL Formatting

Coding standards

Have you ever faced a problem when developers within your team invent their own SQL coding standards? With SQL Complete you can customize code style settings, share them with others using the Import and Export settings wizard, and even start over by resetting custom settings to their default values.

Code Styles Customization

Support for all SQL Server versions

With the standard tool, you won't get SQL Server Management Studio IntelliSense for all versions of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Complete supports all of them! Just install your server and our application - and work wonders in your SQL coding!

SQL Complete Express - Free Add-in for SSMS

Express Edition

Use SQL Complete Express, if:

  • You are a newbie in development
  • This edition suits your business needs and budget
  • You are an enthusiast working for nonprofit organizations such as universities, churches, educational institutions, municipalities, etc.
Express Edition

FREE edition provides:

  • Code completion for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, EXEC, and DELETE statements
  • Basic SQL formatting functionality
  • Smart filtering in the suggestion list
  • Parameter information for procedures and functions

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Just thought I'd let you know that you've all done an awesome job fixing that issue - thank you all so very much. No more crashes and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with your response times, issue resolution times and customer service - all excellent!
Well done and thank you all so much!!!

Tony Hales, Software Developer, DeMontfort Fine Art

By the way SQL Complete is one of the greatest tools I've seen for SQL Server.

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