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Editions of dbForge SQL Complete

dbForge SQL Complete comes in two editions: Express and Standard.

Express is a free edition that provides basic code completion functionality. To see advantages of dbForge SQL Complete over Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2016 (SSMS), please refer to the SQL Complete - Alternative to Native Microsoft T-SQL Intellisense article.

Standard edition extends the Express edition's functionality. Energize your work with a perfect intellisense tool. Buy dbForge SQL Complete Standard, and it will reward you with the fastest SQL statements writing and extra time for a cup of coffee.

The matrix below compares features of dbForge SQL Complete Express and Standard editions.




Single License Price



1 Major objects are database, schema, table, view, procedure, user and table-valued function (including CLR), built-in function.

2Advanced objects are synonym, CLR aggregate, collation, type, XML schema collection, language, XML and VARCHAR(MAX) data type methods.

3 To learn more about supported context read the SQL Complete Context article.

4 Document Outline window is supported for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012 or higher.