Editions of dbForge SQL Complete

dbForge SQL Complete comes in two editions: Express and Standard.

Express is a free edition that provides basic code completion functionality.
To see advantages of dbForge SQL Complete over Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2014 (SSMS), please refer to the SQL Complete - Alternative to Native Microsoft T-SQL Intellisense article.

Standard edition extends the Express edition's functionality. Energize your work with a perfect intellisense tool. Buy dbForge SQL Complete Standard, and it will reward you with the fastest SQL statements writing and extra time for a cup of coffee.

The matrix below compares features of dbForge SQL Complete Express and Standard.

Features Express Edition Standard Edition  
Name suggestions for major objects 1 Yes Yes Screenshot
Name suggestions for advanced objects 2 Partially supported Yes Difference
Smart filtering in the suggestion list Yes Yes Screenshot
Context-sensitive suggestion of keywords Partially supported Yes Difference
Database context detection Yes Yes Screenshot
Context-sensitive object suggestions for SELECT, DML, DROP, EXEC, SET, and USE statements 3 Yes Yes Screenshot
Parameter information for functions Yes Yes Screenshot
Quick object information Partially supported Yes Difference
SQL formatting Partially supported Yes Difference
Formatting in files and directories Yes Yes Screenshot
Execute current statement Yes Yes Screenshot
Semi-transparent view of the suggestion box Yes Yes Screenshot
Enclosing needed identifiers in braces Yes Yes Screenshot
Code and database identifiers case synchronization Yes Yes Demo
Individual word recognition in CamelCase identifiers Yes Yes Demo
Name suggestions for objects on linked servers No Yes Screenshot
Column picker for quick list building No Yes Demo
JOIN clause auto generation No Yes Demo
Wildcard expansion No Yes Demo
INSERT, EXEC, and ALTER statements expansion No Yes Demo
Stored procedure call expansion Yes Yes Screenshot
Auto-generation of table aliases No Yes Demo
Code completion for common table expressions (CTE) No Yes Screenshot
Context-sensitive object suggestions for T-SQL code, DDL, and security statements 3 No Yes Screenshot
SQL Snippets No Yes Demo
Document Outline window 4 No Yes Screenshot
"Go to definition" for database objects No Yes Demo
Adjust keyword case on typing No Yes Demo
Disable formatting for a certain block of code (noformat tag) No Yes Screenshot
Intellisense in SQLCMD mode No Yes Screenshot
Highlight occurrences of an identifier No Yes Screenshot
Sorting suggested keywords by relevance No Yes Difference
Export/Import Settings Wizard No Yes Screenshot
Rename Alias No Yes Demo
Phrase completion New! No Yes Screenshot
Single License Price Free $119.95

1 Major objects are database, schema, table, view, procedure, user and table-valued function (including CLR), built-in function.

2 Advanced objects are synonym, CLR aggregate, collation, type, XML schema collection, language, XML and VARCHAR(MAX) data type methods.

3 To learn more about supported context read the SQL Complete Context article.

4 Document Outline window is supported for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012 or higher.