Code Refactoring

Rename aliases

SQL Complete generates aliases automatically for tables, views, table-valued functions, and synonyms. You can rename the default aliases directly in the code and all references to the renamed aliases will be automatically correct to the relevant ones.

Rename objects and variables

This feature allows you to improve code readability by giving meaningful and self-explaining names to tables, columns, temporary tables and columns, views, stored procedures, and functions. SQL Complete will automatically correct all references to the renamed objects.

With the help of the rename functionality, you can also change the names of local and SQLCMD variables in a few seconds. Preview code changes in a convenient tree-view of the Rename dialog window.

Semicolon insertion

When you type code, don't bother to correctly place semicolons after each specific statement. The Insert Semicolons option does this for you – it inserts missing semicolons after each statement in a query in one click.

Enclosing needed identifiers in square brackets

As you develop code, this functionality automatically adds square brackets around identifies where needed.

T-SQL Debugger

T-SQL Debugger allows investigating the run-time behavior of database objects and locating logic errors. One can also benefit from the support for step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches.

Find invalid objects

With this functionality, you can simply detect and fix invalid objects that often appear during database development process. Search for objects that cannot be compiled or executed just in a few clicks as well as generate effective scripts to manage them. The functionality provides the following opportunities:

  • Searching and detecting invalid objects through multiple databases
  • Analyzing and reporting the found results
  • Managing the objects through Script as ALTER and Script as DROP buttons
  • Simple navigation through Find Invalid Objects grid