Code Formatting

Formatting options

Formatting behavior can be easily configured as required, including automatic formatting options, margin, syntax error behavior, and more.

Formatting in files

The tool comes with SQL Formatter Wizard allowing to perform a bulk formatting of selected files or the whole file directories.

Noformat tag

With --noformat --endnoformat tags, you can point out where to stop formatting the SQL document and where to start formatting again.

Wide range of predefined formatting profiles

SQL Complete includes a collection of predefined formatting profiles. The profiles can be easily modified up to your needs. Moreover, you can create your own profiles that would meet your formatting standards the most.

Database identifier case synchronization

If your database identifiers were created according to certain rules adopted in your development environment, then you will have no problems with transforming the case of SQL script identifiers to match that of the database.

Word recognition in CamelCase identifiers

For multipart and single-word identifiers, this feature will make each word start from the capital letter. The dictionary.txt file should contain these words to make them susceptible to CamelCase formatting.

Adjust keyword case on typing

This feature saves you a lot of time as you type code phrases as you don't need to switch between the upper case and lower case to make your code look pretty and compliant with a specific code convention.

SQL formatting command-line interface

You can automatically format SQL files as well as SQL scripts folders as a pre-commit hook or as a continuous integration (CI) validation step, which can automate and greatly simplify time-consuming routine DevOps tasks.

Automatically format completed statement on semicolon

This feature provides the opportunity to automatically format SQL statements after a semicolon is inserted at the end of the statement. The formatting is processed in accordance with the currently active profile settings.

Automatically format on paste

Automatically format expressions inserted from the clipboard into the SQL document based the currently active formatting profile settings.

Database letter case coherence

This functionality allows defining words for compound identifier names. While formatting identifiers in CamelCase, the compound words of the identifier will be automatically determined, and each word in it will begin with the capital letter. The dictionary consists of a set of individual keywords that can be included to the objects identifier.