SQL Complete - SQL Code Formatter for SQL Management Studio

Beautify your SQL and T-SQL statements paying attention to case, line breaks, whitespaces, indenting, wrapping, etc straight in SQL Server Management Studio. Devart's SQL Code Formatter provided by dbForge SQL Complete, is one of the best and most advanced code formatting solutions available on the market that allows you to customize the way your document will be formatted by setting the corresponding options as well as to preview the result.

With Code Formatter, you can:

  • Make your SQL code look pretty and be easier to read, understand, debug, and test.
  • Increase your productivity and save a lot of time: forget about SQL query formatting when creating, reformatting it, or making modifications.
  • Introduce unified SQL code formatting standard for your company, no matter if it is a big enterprise or a small project team.
  • Protect formatted code from syntax errors: if there are any syntax errors in the SQL document that is being formatted, the inner parser will not generate the parsing tree and the document will not be formatted.
  • Minimize memory overload: T-SQL formatter does note require much memory even if an SQL document is large. We've tested the formatter's work with a 130MB SQL document.

Customization settings

Formatting behavior can be easily set up according to your preferences. You can tune automatic formatting options, margin, syntax error behavior and more.

Customization Settings

Formatting Profiles

SQL Complete includes a collection of predefined formatting profiles. The profiles can be easily modified up to your needs. Moreover, you can create your own profiles that would meet your formatting standards the most.

Formatting Profiles

Bulk formatting

The tool comes with SQL Formatter Wizard allowing to perform a bulk formatting of selected files or the whole file directories.

Formatter Wizard

Disabling formatting for a certain block of code

With the -- noformat -- endnoformat tags, you can format a whole SQL document in the editor ignoring selected code fragments which you do not want to be formatted.

Noformat Tag





SQL formatting
Partially supported
Formatting in files and directories
Disable formatting for a certain block of code (noformat tag)