dbForge SQL Complete Features Overview

dbForge SQL Complete provides a wide range of code completion features that relieve users from remembering long and complex object names, column names, SQL operators, etc., but instead allows concentrating on writing high-quality SQL code with proper formatting that is easy to understand and interpret. On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of features available in dbForge SQL Complete. For a list of new features see What's New in v6.0.

Intelligence Coding

Intelligent Coding

SQL completion and code suggestion

  • Context-sensitive suggestion of keywords
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions of objects
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions for T-SQL code, DDL, and security statements
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions for common table expressions (CTE)
  • Context-sensitive object suggestions in SQLCMD mode
  • Name suggestions for objects on linked servers
  • Sorting suggested keywords by relevance
  • JOIN clause auto generation
  • Phrase completion
  • Database context detection
  • Semi-transparent view of the suggestion box
  • Auto-generation of table aliases
  • Custom alias mapping
  • Column picker for quick list building
  • Wildcard expansion
  • INSERT, EXEC, ALTER and UPDATE statements expansion
  • Stored procedure expansion
  • SQL snippets
  • Highlight occurrences of an identifier
  • BEGIN...END pair highlighting
  • CASE...END pair highlighting
  • Highlight of matching columns in the INSERT statement
  • Query navigation
  • Parameter information for functions
  • Quick object information
  • Rows Count information
Coding conventions and standardizing

Coding conventions and standardizing

Code Formatting

  • SQL formatting with wide set of options
  • Predefined and user-defined formatting styles
  • Formatting in files and directories
  • Disable formatting for a certain block of code (noformat tag)
  • Database identifier case synchronization
  • Individual word recognition in CamelCase identifiers
  • Adjust keyword case on typing
  • Refactoring aliases and custom alias mapping
  • Renaming database objects
  • Renaming local and SQLCMD variables
  • Finding invalid objects
  • Enclosing needed identifiers in square brackets
  • T-SQL Analyzer Coming soon
  • Semicolon insertion

Document management

  • Custom SSMS main window title
  • Restore last closed tab
  • Restore last document session
  • Close unmodified tabs
  • Tab Coloring
  • Executed SQL Statements History
  • Run script on multiple databases
  • Document outline window

Data Grid commands

  • Generate Script As from SSMS data grid
  • Copy Data As from SSMS grid to Excel, CSV
  • Copy Data As SQL Value List Coming soon
  • Grid Aggregates
  • Data visualizers
  • Find in Results Grid

Connection management

  • Preferred connection Coming soon
  • Set as active connection Coming soon
  • Alert tip Coming soon
  • Virtual Folders Coming soon
  • Quick Connection Switch Coming soon
  • Recent ConnectionsComing soon

Extended menu options

  • Execute current statement
  • Execute to cursor
  • Go to definition for database objects
  • Jump between queries
  • Jump between BEGIN and END
  • Jump between COLUMNS and VALUES in INSERT statement
  • Script object located at cursor position directly from SQL Editor
  • Generation of the CREATE/ALTER script for server objects
  • Generate CRUD
  • Inline EXEC
  • Convert EXEC to Script
  • Comment/Uncomment selection Coming soon
  • Copy full object name from Object Explorer Coming soon
  • Edit Top N Table Rows Coming soon

UI/User experience capabilities

  • Execution warnings
  • Execution notifications
  • SSMS Commands dump Coming soon