Code Completion Features Overview

In this page you will find a comprehensive listing of features available in dbForge SQL Complete. For a list of new features see What's New in 4.8.


What autocompletion and code completion are about?

Autocompletion functionality means predicting a word, phrase, objects name, etc that user wants to type without typing it completely. Instead user can choose an appropriate item from the popup list which is formed basing on the existing context. Autocompletion of code (source code, queries, etc.) is also known as code completion.

dbForge SQL Complete offers code completion functionality for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that resembles Microsoft IntelliSense, but provides many additional options and possibilities. In SQL Complete, basic code completion capabilities go together with advanced ones, thus making the product useful for newbies as well as for experienced developers.

In this article, you can follow described steps and review the capabilities of the product yourself while actually using them.

So, let's begin our tour and get acquainted with features of SQL Complete.

Let's start typing!

The application itself builds its menu item into the main menu of SSMS and Visual Studio and is enabled by default after installation. Open your SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio, start typing:

USE AdventureWorks

You see, the list of suggested relative keywords and objects was neatly filtered basing on the first typed symbol. When using SQL Complete, you will notice it also performs such filtering basing on whitespace, camel case, and square bracket. This feature is called Smart filtering to suggest relative keywords and objects.

USE AdventureWorks

Here the application displays the list of database objects from the current database or schema. The application determines the current database or schema basing on the connection properties of the current SQL document in case there are no USE statements in the code, and if there are any, the application changes the current database for subsequent SQL statements.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT * FROM Person.Address a LEFT JOIN HumanResources.EmployeeAddress ea 
ON ea.AddressID =

SQL Complete really catches the meaning at once - it thoroughly analyzes the context to predict what you will type next and displays only relative keywords and names of database objects. This is Context-based code completion.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT * FROM Person.Address a LEFT JOIN HumanResources.EmployeeAddress ea 
ON ea.AddressID = a.AddressID WHERE

To accelerate and simplify your work, SQL Complete sorts names of database objects by type and displays the most relevant suggestions in the top of the list; others are moved to the bottom. This way the application applies Context-based sorting of suggestions in the list.

Code Completion in SELECT statements

Now let's review the group of features designed to simplify creation of SELECT statements.

I bet you write SELECT queries more often than other queries. That's why SQL Complete does its best to reduce the time you spend creating such queries. Actually, the tool takes the smallest hint:

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT /* Press Ctrl+Space*/ FROM Person.Address a

In case you need to select data from several columns from one or more tables, you don't need to type column names manually or create any workarounds - in the SQL Complete prompt list, you can check the requested columns and they will be added to your SQL document. This is how Column picker for quick list building works.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT * FROM Person.Address a LEFT JOIN

SQL Complete suggests a full JOIN statement basing on foreign keys, or it can prompt conditions based on column names.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT /* Press Tab */ FROM Person.Address a 

You can replace the * asterisk symbol with the list of columns from the required table or view on pressing the Tab key.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT * FROM HumanResources.EmployeeAddress ea

After table object (table, view, stored procedure, function, synonym) name is entered, SQL Complete automatically generates an alias for it in the FROM list of your SQL document.

USE AdventureWorks
WITH cte (cc, n) AS SELECT CurrencyCode, Name FROM Sales.Currency c

SQL Complete helps you improve readability and simplify maintenance of complex queries with code completion for Common Table Expressions (CTE).

Completing T-SQL code, DDL, and security statements

Another pile of features covers Transact-SQL, DDL, and security statements. With such help, you will have an ace up your sleeve when there is a necessity to write complex SQL code in a short period of time:

As for T-SQL, SQL Complete provides smart prompts for:

  • DECLARE statements for local variables, cursor variables, and table definitions;
  • cursors (declared with the help of DECLARE CURSOR statements) in OPEN, CLOSE, DEALLOCATE statements;
  • context for such control-of-flow as BEGIN...END, GOTO, IF...ELSE, RETURN, BREAK, CONTINUE, WHILE, WAITFOR, TRY...CATCH, CASE, RAISERROR.

You see, SQL Complete provides suggestions when typing DDL statements. In the example above it prompts for columns from referenced table.

For security statements, you also get some help:

If you want to grant privileges to enable user make a selection from some table, SQL Complete will give you a suggestion list containing users and roles available in the database.

Frequently Used Code Templates - SQL Snippets

If you have to use some pieces of code over and over again, you don't need to type them each time. The SQL snippets feature will help you avoid such repetitive actions. With Snippets Manager, you can view, edit, add new code templates with or without parameters. When typing SQL code itself, existing and user-defined templates will be shown in the popup suggestion list generated by SQL Complete. They can be opened on pressing Tab:

IntelliSense for linked servers

If you are using a linked server configuration, you can also use IntelliSense when creating queries in addition to other advantages of such configuration. dbForge SQL Complete supports IntelliSense for linked SQL Server.


dbForge SQL Complete provides a wide range of code completion features that allow users to avoid concentrating on remembering long and complex object names, column names, exact SQL operators, etc, but instead concentrate on writing high-quality SQL code with proper formatting that will be easy to understand and interpret.