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reduction of accidental
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The installation is rather simple and does not take more than a minute. Afterwards, SQL Complete becomes accessible from the menu bar of the SSMS you are using and/or Microsoft Visual Studio.

The downloaded free trial of dbForge SQL Complete is available for 14 days. When it expires, SQL Complete must be activated with the purchased activation key. To check the current status of your trial or license, go to the SQL Complete menu, point to Help, and click About.

Master SQL Complete in 8 simple steps

Once you have installed dbForge SQL Complete, take a look at these essentials to get the most out of it.

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Key Features

Save time with autocompletion
The IntelliSense-style code autocompletion has two main goals. The first one is to accelerate your SQL coding and thus save your time and increase your daily output. The second one is to drastically reduce the number of accidental errors in your code.
You don't need to waste time remembering all the required table columns, aliases, and JOIN conditions. Just start typing, and dbForge SQL Complete will instantly filter and suggest them.
Using the Snippets Manager, you can save frequently used code templates and insert them into your code using the Tab key. Additionally, you get a great number of default templates to choose from and modify according to your needs.
SQL Complete automatically assigns an alias to each table, view, table-valued function, and synonym that is referenced in a SQL statement. You can customize the generation of your aliases and manage them with a wide array of flexible settings.
Format SQL code
The formatting behavior can be configured with flexible options, which include auto-formatting, margin, syntax error behavior, as well as bulk formatting of selected files or entire file directories.
It's time to stop worrying about picking an appropriate code style. SQL Complete can help you beautify your code with a wide choice of predefined, easily modifiable formatting profiles. You can create custom profiles just as well.
You can automate recurring code formatting tasks using the command-line interface and focus on more important things.
Smart refactoring
It is easy to improve the quality of your code using a wide range of SQL refactoring options. They will make your code easily understandable and refine the design of your SQL databases.
SQL Complete makes it easy to find invalid objects in multiple databases. You can quickly find out whether any of your database objects reference other objects that no longer exist.
Although T-SQL Debugger was deprecated in SSMS, it is available in SQL Complete. It helps observe the run-time behavior of your database objects and locate logic errors almost effortlessly.
Recover SQL documents
In case your SQL document has been accidentally closed without saving, you need not worry. SQL Complete keeps track of your sessions and will quickly recover your document.
SQL Complete delivers a slew of handy features for the SSMS Results Grid: it helps calculate aggregates, perform quick search, copy data, and generate Script As directly from the Results Grid.
Tab coloring labels individual servers and databases with specific color codes, which help you quickly identify which connection a tab is currently using. Document outline is yet another productivity feature that considerably simplifies navigation through large SQL documents by viewing their structures.
There is always a risk of losing data and objects (whether accidentally or not) because of untested code, unwanted commands, code leftovers, and errors that can damage data irreparably. SQL Complete helps prevent all that with script analysis and timely execution warnings. Meanwhile, a successful execution will be followed by a corresponding notification.
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