dbForge SQL Complete tutorials and other resources

Write, beautify, refactor your SQL code easily and boost your productivity with SQL Complete that significantly extends SSMS and VS functionality.

Demo Videos

Introductory tutorial

Get started with the intro video that describes key features of the SQL Complete add-in for SSMS and VS.

Code completion, formatting, and refactoring

Learn about the core functionality of SQL Complete that integrates both with SSMS and VS.

SQL Debugger

Discover more about SQL Debugger - the killer feature of SQL Complete that SSMS now lacks.

SQL Complete in the DevOps process

Explore how dbForge SQL Complete takes part in the database development process.

Feature Highlights

How-to Articles

Column-Level SQL Server Encryption Example Using SQL Complete
Embrace Data Protection and Regulatory Requirements With SQL Complete Suggestions
How to Create Customizable CRUD Operations with SQL Complete
How to Check SQL Server Query History
Searching for Invalid Objects with SQL Complete
Find invalid objects in SQL Server databases
Export SQL Stored Procedure to a File and Generate Its Script
How to Create Custom SQL Server Replication for Read-Only Databases
Find and Delete Incomplete Open Transactions in SQL Server
How to Generate and Use CRUD Stored Procedures in SQL Server
Get the Most from Your Data with SQL Complete
Execution Notifications and Transaction Reminder in SQL Complete

To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Code refactoring

Rename objects and variables with all the references to them in the code corrected automatically.

Automatic suggestions

Explore the automatic word generation and highlighting based on the context and relevance.

Managing aliases

Learn about setting up alias prefixes, refactoring, custom mapping, masks and their prioritization.

Using SQL snippets

See how you can speed up the code writing by using snippets from Suggestion List.

dbForge SQL Complete

Advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in for SSMS and VS