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Online SQL Formatter is designed for evaluation purposes, offering limited functionality. To style your SQL code, simply select from the available predefined formats, input your code into the editor, and click the Format button.

Enjoy full SQL Formatting functionality in SQL Complete (SSMS add-in) and dbForge Studio for SQL Server (IDE).

  • Advanced formatting options
  • Bulk formatting of selected files or the whole file directories
  • Wide range of predefined formatting profiles and the ability to create your own ones

SQL Beautifier Online

Formatting profiles

Advanced SQL Formatting functionality is available in SQL Complete and dbForge Studio for SQL Server

SQL Complete
SQL Complete is an advanced solution for SQL database development, management, and administration. Available as an add-in for Visual Studio and SSMS, the tool offers excellent autocompletion capabilities.
dbForge Studio
A powerful integrated development environment for efficient SQL Server database management, administration, development, data generation and reporting, and much more.

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