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Svitla is a proven custom software development company and testing provider headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

Svitla System was looking for a reliable SQL development tool that would cover a large scope of SQL tasks, improve coding efficiency, eliminated accidental script loss, and increase the overall performance. SQL Complete met all the requirements and proved to be the tool the company was looking for.

"I'm a professional SQL Server developer with over 10 years of experience. I tried a lot of different SQL Server tools and IDEs and finally stuck with SQL Complete. Why? Because it has pretty much everything SQL developer needs. Snippets, IntelliSense, query history, smart data copy, automatic CRUD... I've just started. SQL Complete is a great product with rich functionality. I most definitely recommend it."
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Dmitrij Kultasev, SQL Server Database Developer
Write code more effectively
There is a lot of functionality that increases the performance of developers. Snippets, re-factoring, finding broken objects, saving tabs you were working with. If you learn how to use this tool properly you can simply increase your working output 2-3x.

Developers forget to save scripts they worked with
Query history is simply a lifesaver. How many times have you accidentally dropped the object you were working with? Or simply closed the tab... Forget about these problems for ages - as all the queries are saved, and you can come back to them anytime.

Hard to transform data to other formats
You can easily generate data in many different formats, including Json/xml/csv/excel, simply from the result set. Or you can simply create a temp table with some set of data simply from the result set window. Easy, just a few mouse clicks!

Key features Svitla System is excited about

Finding Invalid Objects

Detect and fix invalid objects that often appear during database development process. Used along with other features, it can increase your working output 2-3x.

Executed SQL statement history

With statement history, developers never loose scripts they worked with since queries are saved and you can come back to them anytime.

Copy data from SSMS grid to file or clipboard

You can easily generate data in many different formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, EXCEL, right from the result set.

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