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Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, Broughton Software specializes in providing high-quality custom Microsoft and Salesforce development services.

The company database developers were in search of an improved IntelliSense than the one built into SSMS. Having tried various solutions they chose SQL Complete for SQL Server due to its enhanced features. In the company, the tool is extensively used for database development as part of writing software.

"SQL Complete is like SSMS IntelliSense on steroids, plus so many other features including join statement completion, tab coloring, wildcard expansion, and refactoring. It also gives you lots of extra data at a glance, including column data types and row counts. I can write scripts so much faster and I keep finding helpful new features all the time."
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Keith Richardson, Principal Software Architect
The IntelliSense built in SQL Server Management Studio was too slow
SQL Complete for SQL Server allows developers to deliver software features much faster.

No Wildcard expansion provided by native IntelliSense
The tool strips away typing column names and thus boosts productivity of the team.

The need for switching between multiple database connections
Tab coloring helps quickly define the server connection which greatly improves day-to-day working routine.

Key Features Broughton Software is excited about

Code Completion

The IntelliSense-style code completion is extremely well done with great suggestions.

Tabs Coloring

Tab coloring allows company developers to know which database they are on at a glance.

Quick object information

SQL Complete hints significantly save developers' time and efforts and enhance their coding.

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