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Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Elements Financial is a credit union. The company offers its customers comprehensive financial wellness services.

The company analysts were looking for a solution that could enhance the ability to leverage the IntelliSense while composing SQL queries in the text editor and would seamlessly work inside their preferred tool of MS SSMS Studio. dbForge SQL Complete turned to be the most valuable add-ins to SSMS the company has used. Now the tool became an indispensable part of company operation.

"The advantages of using SQL Complete are largely in how well it performs within the SSMS product. Its cache offers a timely self-refresh and is able to be forced to refresh manually with a simple key stroke. I really like the auto-suggestions in the join logic. The ability to type a partial column name in the query editor and then be able to check the boxes of the columns you want to match is a big time saver, it also brings some of the benefits of a GUI editor to the text based editor."
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Sam Duval, Data Quality Analyst
The native intelli-sense didn't meet the operational requirements
The SQL complete tool for SSMS Studio helps avoid doing extra work when writing queries. It also allows getting a quick count of values for validation without having to export the data.

Provide qualitative data analysis and reporting
The tool boosted speed of the BI department to provide information about reports.

Normalize code writing style between SQL writers in the department
The add-in has greatly improved day-to-day code writing abilities.

Key Features Elements Financial is excited about

PL/SQL coding assistance

SQL Complete takes care about code completion, so you can concentrate on how the code actually works

Code Formatting

The company has seen big efficiency gains in code writing and debugging with formatting options of the tool

Grid aggregates

The possibility to calculate aggregates is a big time saver

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