How the software company has achieved 4x faster code writing with dbForge SQL Complete

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Coyote Software Corporation is a software development company that specializes in creating solutions for health and social service organizations. It offers a full range of software development, business consulting, and systems integration services tailored to customers' unique needs. Through the thoughtful incorporation of technologies, expert guidance, and strategic insights, the company supports communities and clients, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives.
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Challenges faced

The primary issue that did not let Coyote Software unleash its full potential was the inconsistency of code writing. Every developer wrote the code differently in their manner. The Development Lead wanted to implement standards in style and formatting. Another goal was to speed up and simplify onboarding new developers.

The company used SSMS for a very long time, but it did not provide the necessary functionality. After searching on the Web, they found the information about Devart's SQL Complete and decided to try it. The goal was to check how it could help the development team and save time. After the trial period, Coyote Software chose to stay with SQL Complete due to its attractive price, ease of setup and usage, comprehensive documentation, and quick and helpful support.

Common formatting standards in code writing
Reducing time on writing and formatting scripts
Code snippets for easier onboarding
"We use SQL Complete every day, probably, every hour. From formatting to snippets that help build INSERT scripts for our complex reference table additions, to the simplest of snippets that speed up query writing."
Greg Rhind
Greg Rhind
Development Lead

Results achieved

Times faster code writing
Productivity boost

Coyote Software now uses SQL Complete daily and almost hourly. Its functionality ensured the most impressive productivity increase. The formatting options, auto-complete, and numerous snippets, both simple and complex, let the developers write code much faster and more accurately.

The main challenge it solved was the code formatting consistency and standardization. Any procedure, trigger, view, or any other component now looks and feels the same. The formatting profile the company built with the help of SQL Complete ensures it.

Key Features Coyote Software is excited about


The feature comes with many styles and options for customization. Developers can produce more precise code with word recognition, case adjusting, and instant formatting of pasted and auto-suggested statements.


The collection of frequently used templates is available to accelerate code writing. You can insert any template into the area you are working on by pressing Tab. It is possible to edit existing templates according to your needs and create custom snippets from scratch.

Document outline

A separate window demonstrates the structure of the current document, thus making it faster and simpler to navigate to the required section, helpful for large SQL documents.

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