How developers at BookingStudio A/S increased their productivity by 150% and implemented corporate coding standards

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About customer

BookingStudio A/S is a software development company that focuses on delivering powerful, full-featured property management systems. To ensure a comfortable experience in friendly user interfaces, the company needs excellent performance of their SQL Server databases.
Product used

Challenges faced

Daily tasks that BookingStudio has to perform include a lot of SQL development in complex systems. It is critical to do the tasks fast and eliminate errors. A lot of SQL work could become error-prone without helpers.

Functional IntelliSense for code auto-completion
Doing JOINs automatically
Ensuring the code formatting standards
The company used the default SSMS solution, but its functionality did not satisfy the requirements regarding code writing and formatting. They were recommended to try SQL Complete from the Devart's dbForge product line for SQL Server. The product matched all the company's needs because of its robust functionality, ease of use, and attractive pricing.
"Fewer spelling errors, correct JOINs, formatting as desired, and the SQL Query History ... It all makes my daily work easier."
Svend Dyhr Hansen
Svend Dyhr Hansen
Software Developer at BookingStudio A/S

Results achieved

faster code writing
of productivity

BookingStudio A/S integrated the new product into the SQL Server Management Studio. The results were immediate. With the help of IntelliSense functionality, the code writing became much faster and more accurate. The tool almost eliminated coding errors. It also resolved all complications with JOINs. Finally, formatting helped standardize the code and simplify its reading for all developers.

Key Features BookingStudio A/S is Excited About


SQL Complete is very efficient with complex JOIN statements. It suggests the entire clause according to the foreign keys, or conditions. By combining automated and manual operations when needed, users can increase the speed of writing SQL JOIN statements and make the processes far more accurate.


The feature helps beautify the code and improve its readability. Available configurations allow users to immediately set the formatting rules for the documents, edit the available templates, or compile custom templates for personal use. It is possible to format the entire script or its particular parts only.

SQL Query History

The system saves the information about created and executed SQL statements in a database. Thus, you can view, edit, and search for queries that were executed to reuse them.

dbForge SQL Complete

An advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in for SSMS and VS

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